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It is science but we can hardly call it fiction. It is all about multimedia, holographic, tridimensional technology and we have it. Step right in, we have transparent led displays, levitation modules, holographic showcases, 360º interactive VR goggles, smart glass and multitouch led displays. Our imagination knows no bounds.

LUNA is a line of equipments custom-made by our team of designers.

It combines a set of technological solutions of wide application. They are cutting-edge, original, avant-garde ways of communicating.

LUNA provides excellent communication tools. Using multimedia, holographic and tridimensional technology, any brand , service or product stands out in a unique way.




*** Available for renting or sale.

Holographic Led Fan

The actual effect happens once the switch is flipped on, as 3D visuals appear to float in thin air.

The low-profile hardware looks like a propeller and turn almost invisible as soon as the visuals pop out.

The technology is led-based and it manipulates the viewer’s perception of reality creating an hypnotic optical illusion.

It results in a powerful communication tool for its visual impact.

Transparent Led Display

The transparent Led screen is used to display the product. When placed on a wall it may display customized graphic animation on the screen that interacts with the product being shown. In short, it is a video inside a see-through screen.

These systems are perfect for all sorts of events, whether corporate or social or conference meetings. They may also be used to decorate a stand or a lobby.

Interactive 360º VR Goggles

Using this equipment when watching 360º films makes it possible to view from all angles without missing a single detail. The viewer has a feeling of real experience almost as if being in site watching as the story unfolds.

It is the perfect solution when you want your audience to connect to your brand, product or concept.

At RSB we film and produce 360º VR content.

Levitation Module

Presentations that use this solution are guaranteed to be a success. When combined with, for example, holographic showcases the impact will be exponential.

Depending on the plattform one may exhibit an item that weights a few grams up to 4 kg.

Holographic and Digital Showcases

On an increasingly competitive market holographic showcases are a more unusual and impressive way of displaying a product. Using customized motion and graphic animation the audience feels as if there is an object floating inside the pyramid.

By introducing real objects, we increase the ability to communicate different products and consequently their brand.

Water Curtain Hologram Display

Makes it possible to display images by using rear projection. This creates an impressive and cutting-edge effect.

The way water interacts with light brings an original twist to every event or presentation. The holographic image appears to be floating.

This solution is perfect for outdoor events. The water is reintroduced in the system, no water is wasted in the process.

Water Vapor Hologram Screen

System displays images by using rear projection on water vapor. This creates an exciting and ingenious effect.

The way condensation interacts with light brings an original twist to every event or presentation. The holographic image appears to be floating.

This solution is perfect for indoor events.

Holographic Projection Film

A sort of foil or film placed over windows, acrylic or other transparent surfaces thus creating high definition see-through wide screens.

Perfect for show windows, pannels, events, space dividers it is also great when used in retail stores placed in high concentration halls for displaying promotional content.

Virtual Promoter

The virtual promoter is basically the projection of a model on a silhouette shaped high tech holographic screen. All multimedia contents are displayed on a transparent surface.

Promotes and conveys any type of product, service or information in a unique and attractive way.

The virtual promoter allows a constant interaction with the audience and through a dynamic and interactive presentation is able to arouse curiosity on products, services or brands. As a symbol of innovation and differentiation the virtual promoter is able to interact using graphic visual elements.

Video Mapping

Video mapping is a technique that turns objects, often complex or irregularly shaped, like a car, a statue or a façade, into a display surface for video projection or graphic animation.

The surface used for projecting is mapped in 3D and then the system calculates each curve and ledge. The video or graphic animation is adjusted to the mapped structure. This prevents distortion over shapes or objects.

Audiovisual narratives are created using a combination of video and audio.

The outcome: amazing effects, endless possibilities for optical illusions using a completely clean surface. Not a single piece of paper, plastic or fabric is used, projection is its only “tool”.


Suspended Art Structure

Kinetic art structure with wire suspended elements.

Each element (sphere, drop, cube,…) has its own independent engine device.

All devices are connected to a DMX controller that coreagraphs a customized motion.

Modular or flexible led wall

3,5 to 20mm high resolution customized led modules. Good display even under extreme brightness. High definition in short distance. Fully customized modular wall.

Fully operational outdoor system under any weather condition.

Transparent Retail Display

Transparent video led lines modular support structures.

Adjustable to space limitations. Content display in perfect definition despite its 80% level of transparency.

2,5 to 20 mm high resolution customized modules.

A new way of conveying information with high impact and prominence.

Retail Tablets

Retail tablets are the solution for brand communicaton in an interactive and appealing way.

Multitouch tablet, various formats, customized animation and apps, standing/wall mount with safety lock.

Ticket Dispenser / Corporate Tv

Available (optional) in touchscreen our ticket dispenser comes with thermal printer and is fully customized.

This solution also includes queue management software (all contents can be customized).

The equipment incorprates Queue Call System using actual voice recording or radio signal.

Video Brochure

This innovative communication product is the perfect solution for marketing campaigns, for promoting companies/organizations, products and services. In an era where we are all aware of our ecological footprint, Video Brochure is an example of a step in the right direction.

Our Video Brochure  plays automatically as soon as it is opened. It has volume control, stereo sound and is rechargeable via USB cable.

This solution includes design, printing, programming and customized production according to each client. In addition to play audiovisual content we also adapt and integrate the films provided by the client.

Video Brochure is available in the following versions: with 2.4 “screen, 3” HD “, 5 HD”, 7 “HD, 10” HD.

Interactive Multitouch Display

Touchscreen technology can be applyed to a particular device so that it responds to a user’s specific command.

At RSB we are able to create customized apps that suit each client’s needs.

Multitouch Interactive Table

Single or multitouch interactive display table available in various formats from 22” to 65’’.

Customized structure in mdf, lacquered or stainless steel. The surface area can be made of solid anti vandalism glass.

Designed to integrate all the new technologies available and to serve effectively and accurately.

Interactive Mupi and Kiosk

Indoor and outdoor formats (even under harsh conditions). Includes multitouch screen from 22” to 55”.

Perfect for displaying information in corporations or museums it can serve as online access for users as well as other serviceabilties.

Integrates customized apps / software and content.

Software and Apps

We design and develop customized softwares and applications according to the client’s specifications.

Content may vary from interactive to instructive or didactic.

We use appealing and dynamic language to convey information as clear and concisely as possible.

Audio Guides

RSB produces audio guides for museums, touristic attractions, companies and wherever information needs streaming.

We use highly durable equipments, for indoor or outdoor tours, infra-red, radiofrequency or GPS activated. Each device comes with theft protection system and high quality loud speakers. Thanks to our brilliant content creation team and extensive range of national and foreign voice over actors, we are ready to create a customized tour for your unique site in a short matter of time.

We analyze, create and offer a solution budget that suits your needs.

If you are looking for creative, customized, top of the line solutions with financially affordable spot on results, contact us and prepare to be amazed!


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