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RSB’s Technology Used at Eurovision 2024: Transparent LED Wall

Eurovision 2024 was “The” standout event this month. Not only for its catchy songs and multicultural performances but also for the innovation and creativity that overflowed in every detail. At RSB, we closely followed the event and were amazed at how audiovisual resources were used …

InspirationTipsTransparent Led Wall
Stand Personalizado - Mobilis

Stand Mobilis at Intertraffic 2024: Innovation in the Spotlight

RSB had the privilege to design and build the Mobilis stand, which, besides being functional, was a true success. Our goal was clear: translate the essence of Mobilis into a space that reflected innovation and creativity in every detail. Mobilis, a Brazilian company passionate about …

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The Success of the Interactive Mupi for BPI: ‘Word Search’ App

At RSB, we specialize in bringing events to life, and recently we had the opportunity to create something truly engaging for BPI. How? With our Interactive Mupi and a custom app that was a hit! We developed a custom application for the Mupi that transformed …

Our workappMupi Digital
Stand Personalizado - BPI

The Innovative BPI Stand: A Sustainable and Stylish Project by RSB

We had the privilege of working with BPI to create a standout booth at Ovibeja, one of the country’s largest agricultural and agro-industrial fairs. RSB took on the responsibility of designing, constructing, and managing the entire booth, ensuring that it perfectly reflected the identity and …

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Korber’s Innovative Stand at Logistics & Automation Porto 2024 – EXPONOR

When Korber Supply Chain knocked on our door, we knew it was time to put all our creativity and expertise into practice. After all, we’re talking about one of the largest trade fairs in the sector: Logistics & Automation Porto 2024, which took place at …

Our workCustom StandsMultitouch Interactive Table

More Than Stands: Technology and Creativity with RSB

At RSB, we’re more than just an agency – we’re a team of creatives and strategists. These are characteristics that go hand in hand and define the soul that we employ in every project we undertake. By leveraging new technologies, we create and integrate innovative …

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Discover the Future of PANIKE’s Product Exhibition: Holograms and Levitation with RSB!

When it comes to grabbing the audience’s attention at a trade show, there are no limits to creativity – especially when it comes to our clients, just like with Panike! Recently, we had the pleasure of showcasing our full arsenal of Interactive and Holographic Digital …

Our workLEVITATION DISPLAYsuspended hologram

FOGSCREEN HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTION + 3D HOLOGRAPHIC MESH SCREEN: The secrets of the event that left everyone speechless!

If there’s one thing RSB loves, it’s turning events into true spectacles. And that’s exactly what happened at the Modelo Continente | Sonae event with the theme “Focus on Feeding,” organized (and well) by the Fantone agency.   Fantone called upon the RSB team to …

Our workholographic curtainWATER VAPOR HOLOGRAM SCREEN