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The magic of corporate image happens here. We outline creative strategies that enhance the corporate identity of our clients. Motion design, 3D design, graphic line, rebranding, catalogue, web design, editorial design, are peanuts to us. We transform the image of companies, brands and services.


The goal of any company/institution is to create an impression on the consumers mind, attract and retain clients.

For that to be possible, the creation of a well thought out graphic identity is crucial. Communicating effectively and distinctly is a priority.

What is the message you want to convey to your audience?

We can help you!

  • Rebranding
  • Naming
  • Logotype
  • Graphic Line
  • Corporate identity manual
  • Packaging

Web Design and New Media

To exist and not be present online does not make sense.

RSB – Comunicação na Imagem creates a set of irreverent solutions, so that you can present your product or service to the world. Functional and aesthetically pleasing websites, web solutions, and many other solutions to enhance your brands notoriety and excellence.

  • Creation of websites and online stores
  • Website remodeling
  • Web apps
  • Social media design

Editorial Design

From the organization of content, to photography, infographics and illustration, RSB – Comunicação na Imagem ensures the production of all the necessary elements to guarantee an appealing solution that meets the needs of its customers.

The production of printed media is carefully studied, from the type of paper, number of pages, to color and weight, in order to produce the best result at the lowest possible cost.

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Catalogs
  • Account reports
  • Brochures
  • E-Books

Motion Design

The communication design industry is constantly changing. Movement and animation are key elements to attract attention and cultivate interest from different audiences.

Motion Design is a transversal requirement for all types of brands and RSB – Comunicação na Imagem knows it! Discover how you can tell your story with us.

3D Design

The illusion of depth, perspective and the creation of an intangible environment that is very close to reality differentiates brands and companies.

The identity of a product or service shapes the way in which customers think and act when acquiring it and of accepting a brand.

With the best 3D design and animation professionals, we’ll offer you solutions that you won’t be indifferent to. Come find out!

Design Video Brochures

This innovative communication product is the perfect solution for marketing campaigns, companies, entities, products or services promotion. In an era where Environmental Awareness is so present, Video Brochure is an example of a step in the right direction.

When the Video Brochure is opened the movie is automatically played. It has volume control, stereo sound and is USB rechargeable.

This solution sold by RSB includes design, printing, programming and customized production according to the clients vision.

In addition to creating audiovisual content, we also adapt and integrate the films provided by the client.

The Video Brochure is available in the following versions: 2.4” screen, 3” HD”, 5 HD”, 7”HD, 10”HD.