Becom agency and Sanofi launched the challenge and we joined!

The challenge was launched by the agency Becom and Sanofi and we are in it! ☺️

They caused a surprise by implementing our Fogscreen Holographic Projection at the entrance of this event, with animations that guided us to the interior of the medical universe.

This is a device that allows the projection of images from a rear-projection in water vapor (without getting anyone wet 😉) creating a visual effect of excellence! The interaction of light with this vapor results in a dynamism that lends originality to any presentation, making your image appear to be levitating in the air!

We also created an immersive Video Mapping with the aim of addressing multiple myeloma, a disease that was the focus of this event, as well as its treatment.

This is a solution that works by projecting videos or graphic animations. The surface that will serve as the screen for the projection is mapped in 3D and then the system calculates all your curves and bumps. During its production, audiovisual narratives are created by combining or triggering video with audio. The result is extraordinary effects and endless possibilities to create optical illusions!

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