RSB started its summer warm-up with yet another exciting project, this time at the request of the company Natus, the leading brand in the manufacture of medical devices and software and service provider for the markets in the associated areas. Natus products are used in hospitals, clinics and laboratories around the world and sold through a combined strength of direct sales and distribution partners around the world.

This partnership took place in Lisbon, at the 4th Congress of the European Academy of Neurology, between the 16th and 19th of June.

Founded in June 2014 by the former European Federation of Neurological Societies and the European Society of Neurology, AEN (or better known as EAN) provides a resource for anyone working in the fields of neurology and neuroscience. The objective of this congress, which takes place every year in a different European country from the previous one, is to bring together national citizens, institutions, doctors and researchers, offering a space for research, learning, networking and best practices for the respective patients.

RSB had the pleasure of marking its participation in this event by building a stand that followed Natus‘ goals and, as always, valuing access to technologies and the brand’s innumerable forms of communication. As in other installations, the presence of a 3D Holographic Fan was not forgotten, reinforcing the innovative character of this production team.

Another goal accomplished with a lot of effort and dedication! Now you can go enjow the weel-deserved sunbathing!

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