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Isentress - Video Mapping


“ Video mapping ” or “ mapeamento de vídeo ”. The name may differ, but the concept is always one: video projection or graphic animation on complex, regular or irregular surfaces.

We can easily identify this Digital Solution in buildings, statues, facades and other structures, from small to large, to adorn certain events or any type of space that needs a more striking element!

This is precisely the most interesting aspect of videomapping, allowing us to give free rein to our imagination and create something so original and out of the ordinary, that it becomes practically impossible not to capture the viewer’s attention. Especially when we have at our disposal a multitude of potential projection surfaces.

This time, RSB put into practice an audiovisual show based on the installation of a Video Mapping solution at the Champalimaud foundation, in Lisbon, during the MSD event for the activation of the drug Isentress 600 mg.

This event was characterized by a colorful visual narrative in animation, projected in an auditorium, where the optical illusion effect coming from the windows was the protagonist. The audiovisual content was completely customized by our team, using 2D and 3D motion design, as well as the footage and testimonies at the event itself.

This is what is called being multitasking!

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