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3 Curiosities about the Holographic Showcase

Do you want to surprise everyone with a solution that stands out for making the difference in communication? So don’t leave that side and get to know our Holographic Showcase

What is the Holographic Showcase?

The Holographic Showcase can be used to expose a product in a unique and impactful way. Its form of transmission gives the clear impression that there is an image floating inside the pyramid, with movements and graphic animations developed in a personalized way.

Therefore, and to get to know our Holographic Showcase better, we present you 3 features of this solution:

1 – It is possible to expose real products!

Yes, you read it right! Is it possible to integrate real objects into our Holographic Showcase, which enhances the communication capacity of different products and, consequently, of their brands!

2- The objects and animations are visible through all its sides!

Our 3-sided Holographic Showcase, for example, enhances a differentiating and more interactive communication due to the fact that objects and animations can be visible from all sides! And with the possibility of integrating a real object, you can also create small lines of explanation about it!

3- It is a solution that can be used in different events, such as stands!

Yes, its versatility allows it to be a solution that, in addition to playing for the difference, is likely to be present at various events, being a good option to draw attention to your stand!

Are you already convinced to buy this product for your event? So, get in touch with us and we’ll explain the whole process!

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