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Webinar ''Epilepsy'

RSB | Webinar ”Epilepsy”

RSB held a Webinar whose theme was Epilepsy. An egreen screen multi-camera system was used. The event was produced at RSB studios and broadcast simultaneously in Porto and Lisbon for 2 days. Webinars are events, presentations, seminars or lectures hosted and broadcast online using webinar …

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Article in Jornal Público about RSB - Comunicação na Imagem

Press: Talking to Jornal Público

Amid the excitement of planning and implementing new projects, we aroused the curiosity of Jornal Público, with whom we had the pleasure of revealing what characterizes us as a communication agency and what plans we have for the future, as we had already announced on …

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PARTY 2017 . We just need a good excuse!

Happy people are more effective, and we here make a point of taking advantage of breaks, turning them into moments of conviviality. Who said we can’t have the best of both worlds? Welcome 2017! We’re ready for what’s to come.    


We’re on the hunt! MOTION DESIGNER is needed.

Mission: video mapping project of considerable dimension. Combat Corps: You, who master After Effects and Cinema 4D Summon troops: asap, which is like saying, “already”.   Prepare the ammunition and equip yourself. In the combat bag you must have: – experience in the elaboration of …


CASTING ended… for now! :)

We couldn’t end this casting without thanking everyone who kindly responded to our call. There were many and good, unfortunately only a few could be selected, however, all the others entered our database for future opportunities. Once again our thanks.  

Verão Prolongado - Bolas de Berlim

Team RSB – extending the summer

We are focused and immersed in work. It’s a fact, a good fact that we love. But… it seems that the seasons want to go back to doing those things they do every 3 months and we’re going to run out of summer. Autumn starts …