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Discover the Future of PANIKE’s Product Exhibition: Holograms and Levitation with RSB!

When it comes to grabbing the audience’s attention at a trade show, there are no limits to creativity – especially when it comes to our clients, just like with Panike! Recently, we had the pleasure of showcasing our full arsenal of Interactive and Holographic Digital …

Our workLEVITATION DISPLAYsuspended hologram

FOGSCREEN HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTION + 3D HOLOGRAPHIC MESH SCREEN: The secrets of the event that left everyone speechless!

If there’s one thing RSB loves, it’s turning events into true spectacles. And that’s exactly what happened at the Modelo Continente | Sonae event with the theme “Focus on Feeding,” organized (and well) by the Fantone agency.   Fantone called upon the RSB team to …

Our workholographic curtainWATER VAPOR HOLOGRAM SCREEN

The Best Interactive and Holographic Digital Solutions for Fairs: Make Your Booth the Main Stage!

Trade shows are crucial moments for any company to showcase its best, and technology can be your best ally in this process. At RSB, we know how to create a real spectacle with our interactive and holographic digital solutions, ensuring that your booth is the …


RSB at BTL: Stands, Digital Solutions, and a WOW effect!

This year, we took over BTL at FIL Lisbon with our customized stands, and, of course, added a touch of “wow” to every corner! Custom Stands: We built true works of art in the form of stands for our clients. Who said BTL couldn’t be …

Our workCustom Standsdigital solutions