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More Than Stands: Technology and Creativity with RSB

At RSB, we’re more than just an agency – we’re a team of creatives and strategists. These are characteristics that go hand in hand and define the soul that we employ in every project we undertake. By leveraging new technologies, we create and integrate innovative …

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Ecrã Holog

Fogscreen Holograms and the Art of Digital Magic!

At RSB, we may not be meteorologists, but we master the art of creating storms of creativity! Today, we open the curtains (or rather, the clouds) to unveil two of our most captivating digital treasures: the Fogscreen Holographic Projection and the Smart Fogscreen Holographic Projection. …


Trends and Innovations Transforming Stories into Experiences

In 2024, we highlight the most impactful trends and cutting-edge strategies that can elevate brand narratives to new heights. The Power of Creativity in Visual Narratives: Holobox as a Gateway to Other ‘Worlds’: Explore how our Holographic Box becomes the portal to engaging holographic narratives, …

Texto e vídeo - Vídeo-Brochura CGI


In a constantly evolving scenario of marketing strategies and promotion of products and services, a surprisingly innovative solution emerges as the definitive answer: RSB Video Brochures. Opening a brochure and being transported to a world of images and sounds is the captivating invitation of our …

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But what is a hologram anyway?

Holograms have fascinated the human imagination for decades, being always seen as futuristic technologies of a hypothetical future in movies and series. However, holograms are very real and they are already among us. But after all, what is a hologram and how does this technology …



Quer dar um Do you want to take a trip to Egypt without breaking the bank? And how about a tête-à-tête conversation with your favorite singer? Seems like a distant dream, doesn’t it? But look what RSB can do! With our Transparent Screen, you get …

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All about our Holographic Display

A good product deserves a good presentation and here at RSB we are happy to help! Our holographic display case is perfect for multiple uses, thus following our recommendations. To begin with, the holographic showcase has the ability to demonstrate any type of product to …

menino com óculos de realidade virtual a vaguear pelo espaço

The world of the Metaverse: the 5 points you need to know

For those who like to keep abreast of technological trends, this may no longer be a topical topic, but the truth is that the world of the Metaverse continues to be unknown to a large number of people. If that’s your case, don’t worry, RSB …

Sala com um holograma de um elefante.

Let’s talk about Holograms?

Despite not being new, holograms continue to cause surprise and admiration! After all, how is it possible to create a 3D levitating image? Why does this type of communication become a strong brand activation for your company? At RSB we have the answers you are …

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3 Curiosities about the Holographic Showcase

Do you want to surprise everyone with a solution that stands out for making the difference in communication? So don’t leave that side and get to know our Holographic Showcase What is the Holographic Showcase? The Holographic Showcase can be used to expose a product …

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3 facs about the Transparent Screen

Are you looking to expose your product in an impactful and differentiating way? We can tell you that you’ve come to the right place! Venture out with us and get to know our Transparent Screen! 😊 What is Transparent Screen? The Transparent Screen works as …

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3 Facts about the Hanging Hologram Backpack

  You still don’t know the Suspended Hologram Backpack solution and are you looking for a differentiating solution for the dissemination of your products? We explain how it all works! 😉   What is the Hologram Hanging Backpack? As its name implies, it is a …

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photographic sphere camera Insta360 One X2

Creative freedom with RSB – Insta360 One X2

Want to build 360 creative freedom? See how it is possible, through RSB! Creative freedom can start with new features, photos with different angles and colors, videos with the most unusual themes and, the most surprising thing, is that all this can be done in …

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Vídeo Brochura (Livro) 2

4 Advantages of the Video Brochure

Do you already know the Video Brochure? What is the Video Brochure: The Video Brochure is an alternative to traditional brochures, which allows you to store videos in the internal memory, so that they can later be played back on your high definition screen. This …

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After all, what is a hologram?

The Hologram is no longer just a thing of the future, however it continues to be a souce of astonishment and confusion. What is a Hologram? How it works? Why is it important for your company? Don’t worry, RSB has the answers. What is a …

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Digital Solutions: Suspended Hologram, Transparent Screen and 360º Interactive Glasses Virtual Reality

3 digital solutions that will make your stand out

The presence of your company at a stand continues to be essential in a communication strategy given the opportunity to get in direct contact with potential customers, understand how the competition works and test new products. A stand that has been designed with a design …

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What is augemented reality?

The advancement of technology and the constant search for new innovative methods have led to the development of systems that allow us to increase the reality in which we live. Then arises Augmented Reality (AR), a technology that integrates interactive digital elements, created by a …

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3 myths about holograms

Currently, the word “hologram” is increasingly used, and sometimes in the wrong contexts, which leads to conceptions about its definition. Holography already has half a century of history so it is not a recent technology, but there are still many myths about what it is …

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Networking – tricks to never forget a name again

Anyone connected to the commercial area inevitably goes through this scenario: a networking event, a commercial socialization event, that moment when, for professional reasons, in a relatively short space of time, we are introduced or introduced to others, exchange visit and sound out possible business …

The secret of the shiningmovie scene composition - blog

Did that movie scene stick in your memory? Find out why…

Designer Raymond Thi, creator of the Composition Cam app, rigorously examines iconic shots of magnificent films, dissecting them to reveal the genius behind the layout of that frame. Para um diretor de fotografia cada frame de um filme é como uma tela em branco onde …

Cover Image: Muscle with Text "Creativity is a Muscle" Written in English

Are you failing? It happens to everyone. 10 tips to stimulate creativity.

Creativity is like a muscle. It needs to be trained to stay active and strong. As with muscles, if the training is always the same and you are not careful to introduce new challenges, the exercise starts to be less and less effective.   If …

The Power of Colors - Blog Post

Blue blood, yellow smile, green with envy – 7 colors to turn everything black and white

For the world of advertising and graphic design, color is a key element that can save or doom a job. Not only does it bring depth and emphasis to the design, it also gives it feeling and mood. The basic objective of graphic design is …

Tree photo with effect

8 ways to make a splash with 360º videos

We start by assuming that you already have a camera for this purpose. Now, we assume that you know the main rules for producing a video in this format: – unlike “normal” films in which the props or extras are behind the cameras, in 360⁰ …

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Illustration - Blog

5 GOOGLE TOOLS You Didn’t Know But You’ll Love

It may have even started out as the biggest search engine in the World, but Google is currently an indispensable tool for many Digital Marketing professionals. Here, we use many tools such as Google Analytics, Trends, Adwords, Drive, among others. But these are the tools …