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MCoutinho - Custom Stand For Fair Shows

Stand MCoutinho – Expomecânica 2018

Event: Expomecânica 2018 // Dates: 20th – 22nd of April // Clients: MCoutinho Expomecânica, an event dedicated to the automotive aftermarket and business in the sector, took place between the 20th and 22nd of April at Exponor – Porto International Fair. RSB’s presence at this …

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Vídeo Mapping

Video Mapping

Video Mapping is the ideal vehicle for transmitting any type of message as there is no limit to the content to be communicated. It is possible to produce amazing graphic images that can be displayed on virtually any surface, from a building facade to a …

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Perkons Custom Stand

Perkons – Amsterdam in march

The month of March is closed with another Stand with RSB signature. The construction team traveled to Amsterdam to build the stand designed at our headquarters by the technical team. With an area of 35 m2, the space should accommodate a simulation vehicle and machines. …

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3 myths about holograms

Currently, the word “hologram” is increasingly used, and sometimes in the wrong contexts, which leads to conceptions about its definition. Holography already has half a century of history so it is not a recent technology, but there are still many myths about what it is …

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Holographic Speaker

MSD and RSB – not clubs but there was teamwork

Our most recent work brought us into contact with MSD. Present in Portugal for 45 years, this pharmaceutical company’s mission is to investigate and develop innovative molecules. The company’s investigations cover several areas of medicine: anesthesia, dermatology, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, endocrinology, infectious diseases, gastroenterology, …

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Stands for Trividia and 2in1 fairs shows - Annual Meeting

RSB at EASD Annual Meeting

Stand construction Event: EASD Annual Meeting // Dates: September 11th to 15th // Client: 2 in 1 RSB was responsible for assembling the Trividia stand (42m2) and for the creation/design/assembly of the 2in1 stand (16m2). Two projects at the same time for clients from different …

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Fairs stand - Inemer

Stand Ferruxe – Inemer

RSB designed, built and set up the Ferruxe – Inemer stand which, with an area of 60 m2, received guests who approached the company to collect information about brands and products. A 90º Holographic Showcase was incorporated into this Stand. Inside, a can of paint …

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Transparent screen digital solutions and 360º interactive glasses virtual reality - Nunex

Technologies in RSB stands

Event: Private Labels // Dates: May 16th and 17th // Client: Grupo Ghost Of the technologies included in the Grupo Ghost stand, the one that made the biggest splash was undoubtedly the 360º video, which allowed a virtual tour of the intricate factory production line. …

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Customized stand group ghost with digital solutions - Feira Private Labels

Stand Grupo Ghost

Stand construction Event: PLMA // Dates: May 16th and 17th // Client: Grupo Ghost With 54 square meters, the Grupo Ghost stand presented the Nunex Worldwide and Suavecel brands. The technologies incorporated were the interactive multitouch screen and the 360º glasses, for which the video …

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Networking – tricks to never forget a name again

Anyone connected to the commercial area inevitably goes through this scenario: a networking event, a commercial socialization event, that moment when, for professional reasons, in a relatively short space of time, we are introduced or introduced to others, exchange visit and sound out possible business …


A’ Design Award & Competition – Tasteful sellers

The winners of the A’ Design Award & Competition 2016-2017 have been announced and here at RSB we are in awe because it’s the kind of things that are good for those who love design. This is, moreover, a subject that is very dear to …


Because design is king by instagram

Good content becomes essential when it comes to promoting a brand. But good content, properly crafted from an aesthetic point of view, this is King! Composition, hierarchy of information, judicious selection of colors, and a lot, a lot of creativity are the basis for good …


Faurecia – a day to celebrate the union of the company

The Faurecia Group is a global partner in the automotive industry specializing in the design, development, manufacture and supply of automotive parts. It is present in 34 countries, currently has 330 factories and employs over 100,000 employees.   On the 23rd of March, the …

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Fatima and the Secret Treasure

RSB is proud to share the latest stand construction project. Event: BTL 2017 // Dates: March 15th to 19th // Client: IMAGINEW In the year that marks the centenary of the apparitions of Fatima, IMAGINEW is preparing the May 2018 release of the animated film …

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The Tin Men are at the Science Museum in London

  Dorothy found one and they went to Oz. She looking for her way back to Kansas, he with a heart. Spells and tin men aside, there is only one truth: the world of robotics is fascinating. At RSB, as avid consumers of technology, we …

Suspended Hologram EVERIS

EVERIS: 3D Holographic Fan

Everis, a multinational technology applications consultant, contacted us to come up with a simple and attractive solution for a stand at SINFO, the largest free technology conference in Portugal. We realized that the best decision would be the 3D Holographic Fan that was present at …

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Blog post - synopsis of st. valetine - or the day he took her home

RSB goes wild and spicy

Valentine’s Day Synopsis – Or The Day He Took Her Home   Young and inexperienced, delicate, she had never traveled, had never even left the comfort of the home where she was born. But today was the day! It was raining outside but she felt …

brand cocktail illustrated by mike stefanini - milk shell

Brand cocktail illustrated by Mike Stefanini

Frenchman Mike Stefanini is an illustrator and graphic designer. To test the consumer’s mind and habits, he created the Atomike Studio project, where he brings together a collection of illustrations of product logos that we all recognize but applied to different products. Did you get …

The secret of the shiningmovie scene composition - blog

Did that movie scene stick in your memory? Find out why…

Designer Raymond Thi, creator of the Composition Cam app, rigorously examines iconic shots of magnificent films, dissecting them to reveal the genius behind the layout of that frame. Para um diretor de fotografia cada frame de um filme é como uma tela em branco onde …


Amorim Revestimentos – making of. The team behind the scenes.


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[ INSPIRAÇÃO ] Wandson Lisboa, an “instagramica”.

We are full of energy and with our sleeves rolled up. But RSB is not all about work, so here is one of our favorite Instagram accounts by WANDSON LISBOA. If you want to know and follow the work of this young talent click here. …

Cover Image: Muscle with Text "Creativity is a Muscle" Written in English

Are you failing? It happens to everyone. 10 tips to stimulate creativity.

Creativity is like a muscle. It needs to be trained to stay active and strong. As with muscles, if the training is always the same and you are not careful to introduce new challenges, the exercise starts to be less and less effective.   If …


PARTY 2017 . We just need a good excuse!

Happy people are more effective, and we here make a point of taking advantage of breaks, turning them into moments of conviviality. Who said we can’t have the best of both worlds? Welcome 2017! We’re ready for what’s to come.    


And the winner is…

First of all, thank you very much for your participation! The winner is MIGUEL GOMES! Miguel we count on you to take care of our dear Bonsai, he is very excited about this change of life.  


We’re on the hunt! MOTION DESIGNER is needed.

Mission: video mapping project of considerable dimension. Combat Corps: You, who master After Effects and Cinema 4D Summon troops: asap, which is like saying, “already”.   Prepare the ammunition and equip yourself. In the combat bag you must have: – experience in the elaboration of …

Stand for fairs with Virtual Promoter - MCoutinho

MCoutinho and RSB, a partnership with a future.

It was during the Mechanics fair 2016 that we started a partnership with Mcoutinho. We created a personalized stand full of technology. Our special thanks to the entire team involved.   ” After the end of the MECÂNICA 2016 event, the companies MCoutinho Peças and …

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CASTING ended… for now! :)

We couldn’t end this casting without thanking everyone who kindly responded to our call. There were many and good, unfortunately only a few could be selected, however, all the others entered our database for future opportunities. Once again our thanks.  

Two chairs side by side on white background, over the text "Casting"

All to Casting!

We are looking for the right faces for two promotional films. Let’s get to the details: Where we will film: in the city of Porto When: December 1st or 2nd We need men and women with the following characteristics: MASCULINE: Between 35 and 45 years …

Verão Prolongado - Bolas de Berlim

Team RSB – extending the summer

We are focused and immersed in work. It’s a fact, a good fact that we love. But… it seems that the seasons want to go back to doing those things they do every 3 months and we’re going to run out of summer. Autumn starts …

The Power of Colors - Blog Post

Blue blood, yellow smile, green with envy – 7 colors to turn everything black and white

For the world of advertising and graphic design, color is a key element that can save or doom a job. Not only does it bring depth and emphasis to the design, it also gives it feeling and mood. The basic objective of graphic design is …

4 Cups of Coffee - Creativity at Work

9 tips for those who venture into the world of Fairs and Exhibitions

We warn you now that the “ember” we bring to our sardines is that you should leave this to professionals like us. The wonderful world of Trade Show Stands is complex, elaborate and laborious. It’s still wonderful and beautiful, but it takes work and if …

Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku – an imortal pop star

Digital Diva Virtual idol. Global pop star. Hatsune Miku, 16, hails from Japan and has an undeniable stage presence. With long aquamarine hair, she wears small-size suits very much in the Japanese anime style. Hatsune Miku gives concerts to rooms with 30,000 people and more, …

Blog - street art adapted

A matter of lettering

If for many, graffiti is not an art form, tagging – quick definition: drawing name or signature using spray – is simply horrendous. It does not require mastery and is a form of self-representation, unlike graffiti, which, being urban art, can be seen as a …

Tree photo with effect

8 ways to make a splash with 360º videos

We start by assuming that you already have a camera for this purpose. Now, we assume that you know the main rules for producing a video in this format: – unlike “normal” films in which the props or extras are behind the cameras, in 360⁰ …

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Illustration - Blog

5 GOOGLE TOOLS You Didn’t Know But You’ll Love

It may have even started out as the biggest search engine in the World, but Google is currently an indispensable tool for many Digital Marketing professionals. Here, we use many tools such as Google Analytics, Trends, Adwords, Drive, among others. But these are the tools …

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Buq – 3…2…1 official release

Facebook is more beautiful, fresh and lively, did you notice? It’s just that the buq already parades on thecatwalkof the network. The day is one of celebration, anxiety and expectation within the team, as the website at is simultaneously launched With the seal of …

Luna Digital Solutions

LUNA – Innovation by RSB

Another creative project is completed. This time it involved the projection and design of technological solutions. LUNA is a line of equipment that RSB makes available to its customers. They are communication tools par excellence. Using multimedia, holographic and three-dimensional technology, any brand, service or …

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BUQ Website Design

RSB launches buq – the editorial photo book revolution

Summer is here to stay and with it comes an innovative way to celebrate the image. With the RSB seal of approval, the parent company welcomes an original and creative project that promises to cause a sensation. The goal: to offer an experience of the …


Production of a New Promotional Film for We Do With You

In order to dynamically and appealingly present the values of the new brand, We Do With You turned to RSB to create a narrative and produce its promotional film.


New Concept of Stands for Fairs for the INEMER Company through RSB

RSB conceived, designed and is currently in the final phase of construction of the new fair stand for the company INEMER. The stand in mdf has an area of 50m2. We bet on an attractive, modern personalized design and a differentiating element: the technology in …


RSB Comunica a JMSA : Vitrosteel Industria

RSB will be responsible for the entire rebranding of the JMSA company: Vitrosteel Industria. In order to highlight its new positioning in the market and in order to create value for the brand, we embraced this project. It consists in the creation of its vast …