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The Best Interactive and Holographic Digital Solutions for Fairs: Make Your Booth the Main Stage!

Trade shows are crucial moments for any company to showcase its best, and technology can be your best ally in this process. At RSB, we know how to create a real spectacle with our interactive and holographic digital solutions, ensuring that your booth is the …

Vídeo Mapping

Video Mapping

Video Mapping is the ideal vehicle for transmitting any type of message as there is no limit to the content to be communicated. It is possible to produce amazing graphic images that can be displayed on virtually any surface, from a building facade to a …

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The Tin Men are at the Science Museum in London

  Dorothy found one and they went to Oz. She looking for her way back to Kansas, he with a heart. Spells and tin men aside, there is only one truth: the world of robotics is fascinating. At RSB, as avid consumers of technology, we …

Two chairs side by side on white background, over the text "Casting"

All to Casting!

We are looking for the right faces for two promotional films. Let’s get to the details: Where we will film: in the city of Porto When: December 1st or 2nd We need men and women with the following characteristics: MASCULINE: Between 35 and 45 years …

4 Cups of Coffee - Creativity at Work

9 tips for those who venture into the world of Fairs and Exhibitions

We warn you now that the “ember” we bring to our sardines is that you should leave this to professionals like us. The wonderful world of Trade Show Stands is complex, elaborate and laborious. It’s still wonderful and beautiful, but it takes work and if …

Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku – an imortal pop star

Digital Diva Virtual idol. Global pop star. Hatsune Miku, 16, hails from Japan and has an undeniable stage presence. With long aquamarine hair, she wears small-size suits very much in the Japanese anime style. Hatsune Miku gives concerts to rooms with 30,000 people and more, …

Blog - street art adapted

A matter of lettering

If for many, graffiti is not an art form, tagging – quick definition: drawing name or signature using spray – is simply horrendous. It does not require mastery and is a form of self-representation, unlike graffiti, which, being urban art, can be seen as a …

Blog News

Buq – 3…2…1 official release

Facebook is more beautiful, fresh and lively, did you notice? It’s just that the buq already parades on thecatwalkof the network. The day is one of celebration, anxiety and expectation within the team, as the website at is simultaneously launched With the seal of …

Luna Digital Solutions

LUNA – Innovation by RSB

Another creative project is completed. This time it involved the projection and design of technological solutions. LUNA is a line of equipment that RSB makes available to its customers. They are communication tools par excellence. Using multimedia, holographic and three-dimensional technology, any brand, service or …

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BUQ Website Design

RSB launches buq – the editorial photo book revolution

Summer is here to stay and with it comes an innovative way to celebrate the image. With the RSB seal of approval, the parent company welcomes an original and creative project that promises to cause a sensation. The goal: to offer an experience of the …


Production of a New Promotional Film for We Do With You

In order to dynamically and appealingly present the values of the new brand, We Do With You turned to RSB to create a narrative and produce its promotional film.


New Concept of Stands for Fairs for the INEMER Company through RSB

RSB conceived, designed and is currently in the final phase of construction of the new fair stand for the company INEMER. The stand in mdf has an area of 50m2. We bet on an attractive, modern personalized design and a differentiating element: the technology in …


RSB Comunica a JMSA : Vitrosteel Industria

RSB will be responsible for the entire rebranding of the JMSA company: Vitrosteel Industria. In order to highlight its new positioning in the market and in order to create value for the brand, we embraced this project. It consists in the creation of its vast …

Game of Phones

Campaign: The Game Of Phones promotion

Campaign:  The Game Of Phones promotion – a virtual treasure hunt in which participants must get within 50 metres of a prize and then defend it from other players.  The game title is a play on the TV show Game Of Thrones with users asked …


RSB proudly sponsors: Aftrs Open – Introduction to TV

This weekend course is an intensive introduction into TV presenting. In it, you will explore how to become a strong and individual storyteller through the medium of television. Topics covered include techniques to enhance your delivery, the basics of script writing, and interview tips and …


Our first project in Australia. RBPRO Services Promotional film – Hurray!!!

From the begining this was a project that tested the creative skills of the whole team, Creative Directors and Art Department included. It was the perfect opportunity to cast great talent and  to reinforce our position as a skillful and motivated team eager to define …


RSB Communication, celebrates a day in the life of Perth

The Portuguese company is going international in the emergent market of WA, bringing with them strength to succeed together with video know-how, holograms and revolutionary product presentations.