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Ecrã Holog

Fogscreen Holograms and the Art of Digital Magic!

At RSB, we may not be meteorologists, but we master the art of creating storms of creativity! Today, we open the curtains (or rather, the clouds) to unveil two of our most captivating digital treasures: the Fogscreen Holographic Projection and the Smart Fogscreen Holographic Projection. …

Cortina Holográfica

Making Of 3D Holographic Mesh Screen STCP Event

In partnership with Garra Publicidade Agency, we decided to jump on board the new electric fleet of STCP, and guess what? RSB didn’t want to miss out on this electrifying tour! From the theme to creativity: The story began with a challenge: “48×0. Zero Emissions. …

Our workXL holographic curtain

Beyond Imagination: Stands that Transcend Boundaries

In the vastness of the business cosmos, at RSB, we embark on journeys beyond imagination, shaping unique universes in Stand Design. Here, we don’t just build three-dimensional structures; we create experiences that transcend the ordinary. Allow us to guide you through an intergalactic tour of …

Our work

Trends and Innovations Transforming Stories into Experiences

In 2024, we highlight the most impactful trends and cutting-edge strategies that can elevate brand narratives to new heights. The Power of Creativity in Visual Narratives: Holobox as a Gateway to Other ‘Worlds’: Explore how our Holographic Box becomes the portal to engaging holographic narratives, …