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Stand Baxter RSB

Design and Technology: The Baxter Booth Created by RSB

At RSB we love a good challenge and we recently had the opportunity to up our game by working once again with Baxter to create a truly innovative trade show stand in Italy. This collaboration not only allowed us to showcase our design and construction …

Our workCostum Standsecra digital signage

Mystic Invest and RSB: VR Innovation at QSP Summit 2024

In the universe of events and fairs, innovation is the key to standing out. With this mindset, our client Mystic Invest approached us, aiming to create an immersive and unforgettable experience for the QSP Summit 2024 at Exponor, Porto. And, of course, at RSB, we …

Our workvirtual reality glasses

Fucoli and RSB: Innovation and Technology at IFAT Munich 2024

If there’s one thing we love, it’s turning ideas into reality – and doing it with a touch of digital magic! Recently, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Fucoli in creating a stand for the IFAT Munich 2024 fair, in Germany. And, of course, …

Our workCustom Standsholographic showcase

RSB and Observador: Technological Innovation at Nova SBE

On June 4th, Nova SBE in Carcavelos hosted an event that brought a breath of innovation and creativity to the world of conferences. We are talking about the Clube dos 52 Conference, promoted by Observador. And who was behind the technological magic that brought this …

Our workMupi Digitalsuspended hologram

The Interactive Experience of Lay’s with RSB’s Mupi

At the heart of the 3rd Brands Congress – CENTROMARCA, in Estoril, Lay’s, the iconic brand of the PEPSICO group, decided to elevate its consumer experience to a new level. And how? With the help of our 55″ Multitouch Interactive Digital Mupi. Yes, they know …

Our workMupi Digital

RSB’s Digital Signage Screens at Farmácia Central de Bragança

In today’s landscape, where innovation and effective communication are crucial for success, Farmácia Central de Bragança is taking a significant step towards modernization by implementing five interactive Digital Signage Screens with RSB. Personalized and engaging content: Going beyond mere informational displays, the Digital Signage Screens …

Our workecra digital signage

Suspended Hologram in the New Lay’s Display by RSB: 3D Creativity

At RSB, we are always seeking innovative and creative ways to help our clients stand out. Recently, we had the honor of collaborating with Lay’s, part of the PepsiCo group, to transform their display at Continente de Telheiras in Lisbon into a true attraction with …

Our worksuspended hologram
Stand Personalizado - Mobilis

Stand Mobilis at Intertraffic 2024: Innovation in the Spotlight

RSB had the privilege to design and build the Mobilis stand, which, besides being functional, was a true success. Our goal was clear: translate the essence of Mobilis into a space that reflected innovation and creativity in every detail. Mobilis, a Brazilian company passionate about …

Our workExhibition StandsTransparent Led Wall

The Success of the Interactive Mupi for BPI: ‘Word Search’ App

At RSB, we specialize in bringing events to life, and recently we had the opportunity to create something truly engaging for BPI. How? With our Interactive Mupi and a custom app that was a hit! We developed a custom application for the Mupi that transformed …

Our workappMupi Digital
Stand Personalizado - BPI

The Innovative BPI Stand: A Sustainable and Stylish Project by RSB

We had the privilege of working with BPI to create a standout booth at Ovibeja, one of the country’s largest agricultural and agro-industrial fairs. RSB took on the responsibility of designing, constructing, and managing the entire booth, ensuring that it perfectly reflected the identity and …

Our workExhibitions standsmupi

Korber’s Innovative Stand at Logistics & Automation Porto 2024 – EXPONOR

When Korber Supply Chain knocked on our door, we knew it was time to put all our creativity and expertise into practice. After all, we’re talking about one of the largest trade fairs in the sector: Logistics & Automation Porto 2024, which took place at …

Our workCustom StandsMultitouch Interactive Table

More Than Stands: Technology and Creativity with RSB

At RSB, we’re more than just an agency – we’re a team of creatives and strategists. These are characteristics that go hand in hand and define the soul that we employ in every project we undertake. By leveraging new technologies, we create and integrate innovative …

Our workTipsCustom Stands

Discover the Future of PANIKE’s Product Exhibition: Holograms and Levitation with RSB!

When it comes to grabbing the audience’s attention at a trade show, there are no limits to creativity – especially when it comes to our clients, just like with Panike! Recently, we had the pleasure of showcasing our full arsenal of Interactive and Holographic Digital …

Our workLEVITATION DISPLAYsuspended hologram

FOGSCREEN HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTION + 3D HOLOGRAPHIC MESH SCREEN: The secrets of the event that left everyone speechless!

If there’s one thing RSB loves, it’s turning events into true spectacles. And that’s exactly what happened at the Modelo Continente | Sonae event with the theme “Focus on Feeding,” organized (and well) by the Fantone agency.   Fantone called upon the RSB team to …

Our workholographic curtainWATER VAPOR HOLOGRAM SCREEN

RSB at BTL: Stands, Digital Solutions, and a WOW effect!

This year, we took over BTL at FIL Lisbon with our customized stands, and, of course, added a touch of “wow” to every corner! Custom Stands: We built true works of art in the form of stands for our clients. Who said BTL couldn’t be …

Our workCustom Standsdigital solutions
Cortina Holográfica

Making Of 3D Holographic Mesh Screen STCP Event

In partnership with Garra Publicidade Agency, we decided to jump on board the new electric fleet of STCP, and guess what? RSB didn’t want to miss out on this electrifying tour! From the theme to creativity: The story began with a challenge: “48×0. Zero Emissions. …

Our workXL holographic curtain

Beyond Imagination: Stands that Transcend Boundaries

In the vastness of the business cosmos, at RSB, we embark on journeys beyond imagination, shaping unique universes in Stand Design. Here, we don’t just build three-dimensional structures; we create experiences that transcend the ordinary. Allow us to guide you through an intergalactic tour of …

Our work

Elegance and Innovation: The stand that made its mark at Heimtextil 2024

A Betão e Veludo ( ) , challenged us to create for your client ALKARAM , the booth for the Heimtextil 2024 fair in Frankfurt that not only showcased their products but also embodied the essence of their brand. Enchanting Stand: Every detail was …

Our work

The Game-Changing Promotional Video: Infinexy Hub Lisbon 2023 Event

In collaboration with Infinexy, we delved into the digital realm to create a promotional video for their INFINEXY Hub Lisbon 2023 event that is more than a presentation: it’s a visual narrative of the future of IT! From Briefing to Creative Script: Infinexy sought us …

Our workdigital solutionspresentation video

Fernando Pessoa in the Holobox: The Revolution at the AAFP Party

The most ‘out of the box’ party we helped create for AAFP – Academic Association of Fernando Pessoa, which decided to take the celebration to the next level… or rather, to the next hologram! Fernando Pessoa, the Unexpected Guest: Imagine this scene: an academic party …

Our workdigital solutionsHolobox

Foquim Dental: A Stand That Gets People Talking!

In the fascinating world of dental equipment, helping a client shine at ExpoDentária 2023 at Exponor (Porto) is like leaving a mark of perfectly aligned teeth: memorable and flawless. Recently, we had the privilege of working with Foquim Dental, and the result was nothing short …

Our workCustom Standsdigital solutions

Welland Medical Care: A Digital Stage of Information and Innovation

When health is the theme, we bring the ‘wow’ to the conference room! Our client WELLAND MEDICAL nailed it by using our holographic curtain. After all, who said communicating about health couldn’t be magical and fun? The Health Scenario: When it comes to ostomy care, …

Our workdigital solutionsholographic curtain

Design and Innovation: The SITACO Stand that Transformed Floors into Art

Challenge accepted: transforming the SITACO booth at FIL in Lisbon into a runway for the future! The Floor is the Stage: When it comes to floors and coverings, we often forget that the ground beneath our feet can be much more than a functional surface. …

Our workCustom Standsdigital solutions

Transparent LED Wall and AMCOR’s Commitment to a Sustainable Future

This time, RSB went to AMCOR, a global leader in responsible packaging, for the installation of a TRANSPARENT LED WALL. The Challenge of Transformation: In a world where sustainability is not just a trend but an imperative need, we were challenged to transform AMCOR’s facilities …

Our workdigital solutionsTransparent Ledwall Screen

Elegance and Innovation at M.A.SILVA’s Stands at SITEVI.

We are pleased to share the story of a truly special collaboration that brought the charm and sophistication of M.A.SILVA and NEOTECH to the forefront at the SITEVI Fair in France. Two Stands, One Concept: Imagine two exhibition booths that not only showcase the quality …

Our workCustom Standsholograms

Holographic Conference for SONAE – Holobox

Let’s share an event that undoubtedly marked the history of conferences: a unique and futuristic experience we provided for SONAE. Picture yourself stepping into a universe where reality blends with technology. Welcome to our latest feat: the holographic conference featuring a very special figure in …

Our workHoloboxhologram

Captive Transparent Innovation at the 2023 Agrival Fair

In the most recent edition of the famous Feira Agrival, which rocked Penafiel from the 18th to the 27th of August, Tâmega e Sousa stood out for its innovative approach in presenting digital solutions. The equipment present was the Transparent Led Wall which, like a …

Our worksuspended hologramTransparent Led Wall

Innovation and Presence: The Stand of Randtech at FNS 2023

Randtech approached us to respond to its stand at the National Insurance Forum 2023, which took place in the stunning Alfândega do Porto, on the 4th and 5th of July! The result was a stand with presence, where we were committed to meeting the customer’s …

Our workExhibitions stands


Be Med Skilled contacted us and we embarked on yet another challenge! Make your stand for SESAM 2023 at the Lisbon Congress Centre. This company specializes in the medical training and simulation business, making products for future healthcare professionals to train. We made a spacious …

Our workCostum StandsCustom Stands


We are working with Auchan again to extend our work, this time to Faro! RSB’s work is thus spread throughout the country, with our company well present in several hypermarkets in Auchan. Once again, we are working on the “Future Taste” project with our custom-made …

Our workinteractive exhibitorssuspended hologram


A good fragrance and a good catalog always go hand in hand, that’s why we’ve teamed up with Younical Nature to bring you their new catalogue! With a personalized design that meets the ideals and philosophy of the brand, it conveys to the customer the …

Our workdesign


RSB was present at yet another fair, this time with Baxter for the HIMSS23 congress. The design features the company’s colors, fully customized so that the branding is very clear and in the memory of those who pass by. Inside the structure, a hospital bed …

Our workCustom Stands


Another amazing experience was lived at EMAF 2023! The company S3D brought the future to the fair with the rental of not one, but two amazing 115cm Suspended Holograms!   Forget ordinary presentations and immerse yourself in a world of fascinating images and surprising interactions. …

Our work3D animationinnovation


Lipor unveiled its 2022 Integrated Report, unveiling the most brilliant solutions to preserve our planet and the environment. And once again, they went above and beyond! The report breaks the traditional pattern again and embraces new technologies in a presentation video signed by RSB! 🌿✨ …

Our workinnovationLipor

RSB transforming the industry at EMAF with TEM

At RSB we like challenges and we rolled up our sleeves with the creation and construction of a stand for TEM! In this way, we were present at the EMAF 2023 that took place at Exponor between the 31st of May and the 3rd of …

Our workCustom Standssuspended hologram

Our Labels for Younical Nature

As part of our work with Younical Nature, we have developed the labels present on their products for demonstration purposes! With a minimalist and elegant design, the labels perfectly capture the essence of the brand, with various elements of nature present in them, just as …

Our workbrandingdesign

Come and see our Digital and Interactive Mupi!

Did you know that a simple display screen can also be interactive? No? So it’s because you haven’t been paying attention! 😉 Our MUPI not only allows you to expose your brand image in any brand activation event, but also allows for interactivity with the …

Our work
Stand da korber na feira

Korber | Exhibition Stands

We were once again responsible for the creation and construction of the stand for Korber for the Porto Empack Logistics e Automation convention that happened in the 19th and 20th of April at Exponor, in Porto. 🛠👏 This stand counted with an inovative, clean and …

Our workCostum StandsCustom Stands
Stand Mcoutinho

Mcoutinho | Exhibition Stands

Our collaboration with Mcoutinho took shape once again with the creation and construction of a fully customized stand, for the Expomecânica fair, which took place from April 14th to 16th at Exponor, in Porto. This time, we were inspired by the brand’s new identity to …

Our workdigital solutionsExhibitions stands
Stand da Pinopine na feira European Coatings Show

Pinopine | Exhibition Stands

We rolled up our sleeves to create and build a stand for Pinopine! In this way, we traveled to Germany to be present at the European Coatings Show 2023, which took place from March 28th to 30th! This is a fully customized stand, where we …

Our workdigital solutionsExhibitions stands
Videobooth 360º no stand da Nau Hotels

Videobooth 360º | Digital Solutions

We live in a world where video is gaining more and more importance and, as such, we could not fail to invest in new technologies to keep up with trends! The Videobooth 360º has been the great revolutionary in transforming a simple video clip into …

Our workdigital solutionsVideobooth 360º
Led wall Transparente com particulas

4 Ideas On How To Use Our Transparent LED Wall

Our solutions are like magic, but to finish the potion, it is necessary to add a dash of creativity. To do this, we present you with a series of creative ideas on how to use our Transparent LED Wall that will make everyone think it’s …

Our workdigital solutionsTransparent Led Wall
Congresso da Zurich na Alfândega do Porto

Zurich | 3D Holographic Mesh Screen

As at RSB you never say no to a challenge, we accepted with open arms what was proposed to us by the Tedcom agency and we were present, of course with one of our digital solutions up our sleeves, at the “XXVIII Zurich Congress”.   …

Our workdigital solutionshologram
Holograma Suspenso - lançamento EQS SUV

Mercedes Benz Retail | 3D Holographic Fan

Mercedes challenged us and we made magic with our Digital Solutions at an event that marked the launch of the new EQS SUV! In an inviting, welcoming and luxurious environment that characterized the space where the brand activation took place, in a sublime way, our …

Our workEQS SUVMercedes
Vitrina Holográfica no evento do lançamento do EQS SUV da Mercedes

Mercedes Benz Retail | Holographic Showcase

Mercedes challenged us and we made magic with our Digital Solutions at an event that marked the launch of the new EQS SUV! In an inviting, welcoming and luxurious environment that characterized the space where the brand activation took place, in a sublime way, our …

Our workEQS SUVholographic showcase
Ecrã Ledwall Transparente - Evento lançamento Mercedes EQS SUV

Mercedes Benz Retail | Transparent Ledwall Screen

Mercedes challenged us and we made magic with our Digital Solutions at an event that marked the launch of the new EQS SUV! In an inviting, welcoming and luxurious environment that characterized the space where the brand activation took place, in a sublime way, our …

Our workdigital solutionsEQS SUV
Ecrã Holog

Mercedes Benz Retail | Fogscreen Holographic Fan

Mercedes challenged us and we made magic with our Digital Solutions at an event that marked the launch of the new EQS SUV! In an inviting, welcoming and luxurious environment that characterized the space where the brand activation took place, in a sublime way, our …

Our workdigital solutionsEQS SUV
Stand Nau Hotels vista lateral

Nau Hotels | 3D Holographic Fan

In addition to the creation and construction of the stand for NAU Hotels, as brand activation we use several of our Digital Solutions.     Naturally, we have added our Digital Solutions to this stand: 2 units of 115 cm 3D Holographic Fan (on which …

Our workdigital solutionsExhibitions stands
Vídeobooth no Stand da Nau Hotels

Nau Hotels | Videobooth 360º

In addition to the creation and construction of the stand for NAU Hotels, as brand activation we use several of our Digital Solutions. As brand activation we have several of our Digital Solutions, starting with one Curved Ledwall Screen and a platform Vídeobooth 360º, where …

Our workdigital solutionsExhibitions stands
Stand Nau Hotels com o Mupi Digital

Nau Hotels | Digital and Interactive Mupi

In addition to the creation and construction of the stand for NAU Hotels, as brand activation we use several of our Digital Solutions.   For Mupi Digital and Interactive, we developed a slot machine application to offer prizes to those who ventured to play with …

Our workdigital solutionsExhibitions stands
Ventoinha 70 cm Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos

Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos | Digital Solutions

This time we went desafiados for the Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos to bring your city to Lisbon through our solution 70 cm 3D Holographic Fan, where we designed in 3D the famous anemone, one of the symbols of the city, as well as the logos …

Our work70 cm 3D Holographic FanCâmara Municipal de Matosinhos
Stand Nau Hotels

Nau Hotels | Exhibitions Stands

RSB was challenged by NAU Hotels to create and build its stand, to be present at the BTL fair, which took place from the 1st to the 5th of March at FIL, in Lisbon! 😄 In addition to its sophisticated design, this stand featured details …

Our workcurved ledwalldigital solutions
Stand diverembale vista lateral

Diverembal | Exhibition Stands

RSB was challenged by Diverembal, with the creation and construction of a stand, which was present at the Lisbon Food Affair, which took place from the 12th to the 14th of February at Parque das Nações, in Lisbon. The RSB team developed a Stand completely …

Our workdigital solutionsDiverembal
Stand Firstpharma

Firstpharma | Exhibition Stands

At RSB we like challenges and we rolled up our sleeves with the creation and construction of a stand for the pharmaceutical company FirstPharma! In this way, we are present at the Expofarma Fair which took place at the Lisbon Congress Center between the 9th …

Our workdigital solutionsExhibitions stands
Expositor Auchan Amoreiras

Auchan Amoreiras | Exhibitor and Digital Solutions

RSB designed and built yet another interactive display, this time for Auchan das Amoreiras with the right to our Digital Solutions! With the help of RSB, promote your products in an impactful and differentiating way has never been so simple! And our interactive displays Auchan …

Our workauchandigital solutions
Stand 3D Montepio

The 12 main fairs and events where RSB was present

Choosing a way to advertise your product may not be an easy task, it’s true! But have you thought about solutions such as, for example, having a stand at fairs related to your business area? This is really a wonderful world where you can make …

Our workCustom StandsExhibitions stands
Texto e vídeo - Vídeo-Brochura CGI

Video Brochures | CGI

Our Video Brochures made a splash with CGI! At RSB we like challenges and this time we didn’t do anything less! We join the traditional with the technological and made magic with our Video Brochures by including an institutional CGI video!😊 This is an unusual …

Our workCGIdigital solutions
Ecrã Holograma Vapor de Água - jogador Pedro Gonçalves

We were present at the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Sporting partner

At RSB we like challenges and this time we attended a ceremony at Estádio José de Alvalade, for the celebration of Sporting’s 25 years as a member! 🎉🎇 Using our Digital Solutions, namely the  Fogscreen Holographic Projection (and without getting anyone wet! 😉), we made magic! …

Our work25 years partnerdigital solutions
Holograma Suspenso Portátil

Prémios Construir 2022 | Victoria Seguros

At RSB we like challenges and this time we raised the bar! The Victoria Seguros got in touch with us to guarantee innovation at the “Prémios Construir 2022” event in Lisbon, and the improbable happened! In addition to collaborating in this event with two 115 …

Our work3D Portable Holographic FanConstruir 2022 Awards
Expositor Auchan Vila Nova de Gaia

Future Taste Exhibitors | Auchan Arrábida Shopping and Maia

RSB designed and built, in the Auchan stores in Vila Nova de Gaia – Arrábida Shopping and Maia, an interactive display with the right to our Digital Solutions!😊 At RSB we help you to promote your products in a differentiating and sublime! And our exhibitors …

Our workAuchan Future Tastedigital solutions

3 Curiosities about the Holographic Showcase

Do you want to surprise everyone with a solution that stands out for making the difference in communication? So don’t leave that side and get to know our Holographic Showcase What is the Holographic Showcase? The Holographic Showcase can be used to expose a product …

Our workTipsholographic showcase
Stand FoquimDental

Expodentária Portugal 2022 | Stand Foquim Dental

At RSB we like challenges and we rolled up our sleeves with the construction of a stand for Foquim Dental! Thus, we were present in Lisbon, more specifically at FIL, where Expodentária Portugal 2022 took place! As in the previous year, RSB was in charge …

Our work3D Holographic Fan3D Portable Holographic Fan
Ventoinha Holográfica 3D

We were present at the Web Summit with Mind Source!

With the beginning of November, the Mind Source challenged us to be present at the Web Summit (which took place in Lisbon from the 1st to the 4th of November) with the help of our Digital Solutions: o Muppi Digital and 3D Hologaphic Fan 115 …

Our work3D Holographic FanMind Source
Fogscreen Holographic Projection Sanofi

Becom agency and Sanofi launched the challenge and we joined!

The challenge was launched by the agency Becom and Sanofi and we are in it! ☺️ They caused a surprise by implementing our Fogscreen Holographic Projection at the entrance of this event, with animations that guided us to the interior of the medical universe. This …

Our workBecomSanofi
Aniversário Vodafone

We were there for Vodafone’s 30th anniversary!

Challenged by the Central de Informação agency, we celebrate Vodafone’s 30th anniversary together with them! So, and to make a difference, we implemented our WATER VAPOR HOLOGRAM SCREEN at the entrance of the event, with animations related to these 30 years, transmitted through water vapor, …

Our work30 years Vodafonedigital solutions

3 facs about the Transparent Screen

Are you looking to expose your product in an impactful and differentiating way? We can tell you that you’ve come to the right place! Venture out with us and get to know our Transparent Screen! 😊 What is Transparent Screen? The Transparent Screen works as …

Our workTipstransparent screen
3D Holographic Fan - Zippy

RSB has arrived at Zippy stores!

If you visited the Zippy stores at Centro Comercial Colombo, in Lisbon, and NorteShopping, in Porto, during the month of September you noticed that our 3D Holographic Fan stole all the attention! 😊 Nossa! agency launched the challenge and we accepted! With brand activation through …

Our workdigital solutionshologram
Fatacil Stand

LXMAX asked and we joined in on this adventure!

Using our 85 cm 3D Holographic Fan and 2 units of 3mx2m P3mm Led Outdoor Screens, we brought to life the institutional videos and logos of the Câmara Municipal de Lagoa, through the LXMAX agency. A different job, but that manages to show the diversity …

Our workdigital solutionsled wall

Future Taste Exhibitors | Auchan Portimão

We can already say that we have arrived in the warm Algarve with our interactive displays! From Porto to Lisbon, there are several stores that have Future Taste exhibitors. Now it’s time for the Algarve to have a “smell” of RSB, this time at Auchan …

Our workExhibitorssuspended hologram

3 Facts about the Hanging Hologram Backpack

  You still don’t know the Suspended Hologram Backpack solution and are you looking for a differentiating solution for the dissemination of your products? We explain how it all works! 😉   What is the Hologram Hanging Backpack? As its name implies, it is a …

Our workTips

MCE Fair | Stand Heliroma

RSB traveled to Italy with Heliroma, with a stand designed by us! With a fully customized stand, we bet on colors in shades of green and black, to distinguish the brand’s identity between many others. And once the Heliroma is one of the leaders in …

Our workCustom Standsdigital solutions
Holographic Showcase - Visitors

The NFT’s returned to the RSB

Once again, the Faz Mossa agency placed all its trust in us! 😄   Our Holographic Showcase was present at the Marketeer Magazine awards through the agency Faz Mossa. This time, our Solution was hidden inside a box, where the visitor could peek inside the …

Our workFaz Mossaholographic showcase
Stand Ferpinta

Feira Wire & Tube | Stand Ferpinta

Ferpinta challenged us and we traveled to Germany, where we were present at the Wire & Tube Fair with the creation and construction of a fully customized Stand.   With a different and very sophisticated design, this Stand did not go unnoticed, where its predominant …

Our workCostum StandsCustom Stands
Congress Forum Type 2 - Screen

Video Mapping | Forum Type 2 Congress

The DNA Creativity agency challenged us to create a Immersive Mapping video, with the aim of tracing a turbulent journey through the three diseases in focus: Atopic Dermatitis, Severe Asthma and Chronic Rhinosinusitis. This video presented symptoms of each of the pathologies mentioned, through a mix …

Our workCongress Forum Type 2digital solutions
Flyer Tecnogial

Hannover Messe | Flyer Tecnogial

Our Design team developed the Tecnogial flyer that combines the concept with the brand’s visual identity! A flyer is a brief and simple way to communicate, and its main mission is to bring information to the consumer. As such, in order for our work to …

Our workdesignflyer Tecnogial
Stand Fucoli

IFAT 2022 | Stand Fucoli

This time we traveled with Fucoli Somepal to Germany, with a Stand produced by us! As this is a company that works on the development of cast iron products for drinking and waste water, gas, telecommunications and firefighting networks, the Stand’s design reflected these themes …

Our workCostum StandsCustom Stands
Lipor - 40 anos a reinventar o amanhã

Lipor presentation video | Integrated report 2021

Lipor was presented its 2021 Integrated Report, which includes the best solutions for the planet and the environment. And, to make a difference, this Report jumped from the traditional format and joined new technologies through a presentation video, which was signed by RSB! 😊 Are …

Our workLipornew technologies
Auchan exhibitor

Future Taste Exhibitors | Auchan Cascais and Amadora

We have also arrived at Auchan stores in Cascais and Amadora with interactive displays that promise to surprise! Having an exhibitor can be a key factor in promoting your products in a differentiating and surprising way. The exhibitors that at RSB we idealize and build …

Our workCustom StandsExhibition Stands
Vitrina Holográfica - Tecnogial

Hannover Messe | Holographic Showcase

Our team was responsible for creating the advertising banners and the graphic art of the counter of the Tecnogial Stand to participate in the Hannover Messe fair, in Germany. Our Holographic Showcase did not want to be left out and joined in this trip. With …

Our workdigital solutionsGraphic art
Stand Korber

Logistics & Automation Porto 2022 | Stand Korber

After two years of absence from fairs in Portugal, Korber Supply Chain came back in force and put his trust in us for the construction, assembly and all the logistics of the Stand for participation in the fair Logistics & Automation Porto 2022, which took …

Our workCostum StandsCustom Stands
Stand JPS Group

SIL Fair – Lisbon | Stand JPS Group

RSB was responsible for the production, assembly and logistics of the JPS Group stand. In addition, we implemented some of our Digital Solutions, such as the 115 cm, 85 cm 3D Holographic Fan, the 30 cm Portable 3D Holographic Fan, the P3mm LED Wall and …

Our workdigital solutionsEcrãs LED TV
Younical Catalog

Younical Catalog Design

We were challenged to create the Younical product presentation catalog and we passed the test with flying colours! Whoever buys Younical buys comfort, relaxation and aromas that become unique and personalized for any type of desire. Therefore, at RSB we have developed a minimalist, clean …

Our workdesignYounical Catalog
Stand AREquipment

Rettmobil International 22 Fair | Stand AREquipment

RSB was present at the Rettmobil International 22 fair, in Germany, with a stand produced for Auto Ribeiro, through AREquipment, which is its brand of medical equipment. This was the return of Europe’s largest Rescue and Mobility fair in Europe since the beginning of the …

Our workCustom Stands
Holographic Showcase at the Non Fungible Conference

RSB at Non Fungible Conference

At RSB we are experts in surprising… and that’s what happened with our Holographic Showcase, which was present at the Non Fungible Conference, a conference about NFT’s. This time, the emphasis was given to the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa project, through the Faz …

Our workBitcoinCriptomoeda
Hologram Pyramid for Mobile

Hologram Pyramid for Mobile Phone: HCollective

With customizable motion graphics and animations, our Mobile Phone Hologram Pyramid will blow your mind! This was the result of the work we did for HCollective

Our workdigital solutionspyramid hologram for mobile
Muppi Transparente no Congresso da Sociedade Portuguesa de Anestesiologia


With the possibility to customize our technology for any event, RSB was present at the Congress of the Portuguese Society of Anesthesiology with Merck-MSD and our transparent muppi attracted all the attention! A fast, interactive and innovative way to stay up to date with all …

Stand Mobilis


RSB was present at the Intertraffic fair, in the Netherlands, with a stand for the company Mobilis. Intertraffic is the largest global fair that presents the most innovative aspects of traffic safety and management. In this event, a range of new services was presented that …

Our workCustom Standssuspended hologram
óculos interativos 360

Stand CM Gondomar | 360 Interactive Glasses + VR Movies

RSB was present at BTL, in Lisbon, with a stand for CM Gondomar, where we sell our 360 Interactive Glasses. In addition, we also made three VR films, which allow for virtual visits to the Filigree Municipal Museum, the jewelry manufacturing process and the Municipality …

Our workBTLCM Gondomar
ExpoDubai 2022

Expo2020 Dubai

RSB traveled to Dubai to attend Expo2020 Dubai. 3D image projection will never be the same again! With a suspension effect and using LED light technology, the 3D Holographic Fan creates an optical illusion capable of interacting with the image, creating a strong visual impact. …

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photographic sphere camera Insta360 One X2

Creative freedom with RSB – Insta360 One X2

Want to build 360 creative freedom? See how it is possible, through RSB! Creative freedom can start with new features, photos with different angles and colors, videos with the most unusual themes and, the most surprising thing, is that all this can be done in …

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Vídeo Mapping solution RSB

What is video mapping?

Do you Still don’t know Video Mapping? No problem, RSB explains.   Video Mapping or Mapped Projection is a technique of projecting video or graphic animations into complex shapes and irregular surfaces, whose popularity has been growing both in the cultural and commercial environments. This …

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Auchan suspended hologram display


Experience the future? It is now possible at Auchan do Parque Nascente! RSB conceived and connected, in yet another Auchan store, an interactive exhibitor with a suspended hologram.

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Men used augmented reality technology on mobile phone

But what is Augmented Reality anyway? RSB Explains!

Augmented Reality seems to be a trend that is here to stay, however there is still a lot of confusion around this term. What is it? What is it used for? Is it the same as Virtual Reality? Don’t worry, RSB will clarify your doubts. …

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custom stands exhibitor


This time we traveled to Germany for the Productronica Fair! ✈️😁 This was the result of the Mecalbi stand 😉

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Exhibition Stand - Foquim Dental

Expodentária Portugal 2021 | Stand Foquim Dental

RSB was present at Expodentária 2021 at Altice Forum Braga, with a stand for the company Foquim Dental. Foquim Dental is a company that sells dental equipment. The design for its stand was designed not only to fit in with the company’s visual identity, but …

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Mupi with personalized interactive application - ASER questionnaire

Discover this Interactive Solution for Stands | ASER Stand

Meet one of our interactive solutions for Stands! We conceived and built, for the ASER Stand, a billboard with an interactive personalized app in which, among other things, it is possible to make a small questionnaire to test the participants about the company’s history. The …

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2D / 3D animation bio waste - Porto Ambiente

Video Production in 2D / 3D Animation | BioTour

RSB produced videos in 2D / 3D animation with custom animations on the theme “Bioresidues” for the agency BioRumo. These animations aim to teach young people what composting is and instill sustainable habits, in an accessible and fun way. Through colorful characters and dynamic animation, …

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Exhibitors with Impact | Auchan

It’s no secret that the way a product is displayed has an impact on the consumer’s purchase decision process. Choosing the right display can be the right factor in promoting your products, but what makes an efficient display stand? In a simple way, it’s a …

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Portable 3D Holographic Fan - Exclusible Event

Exclusiible Event | Portable 3D Holographic Fan

This Exclusible event featured RSB’s Digital Solutions. The event, which took place in the city of Lisbon, linked to a company that is well aware of the importance of being aware of the latest technological trends, featured the Portable 3D Holographic Fan solution with personalized …

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20 years - Maiambiente - 360 Virtual Reality Film Project

360º Virtual Reality for Maiambiente | Bio Rumo

Virtual Reality is the Future. RSB produced a 360º virtual reality film for the BioRumo agency, for the client Maiambiente. A 360º view of the brand, company, product or service. Through specialized equipment and state-of-the-art technology, 360º film production comes to life and brings a …

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