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4 Advantages of the Video Brochure

Do you already know the Video Brochure?

What is the Video Brochure:

The Video Brochure is an alternative to traditional brochures, which allows you to store videos in the internal memory, so that they can later be played back on your high definition screen.

This Innovative solution comes in several shapes and forms, the most common being the booklet or box and, for those who want to go further, there is also the option of incorporating holographic technology.

The Video Brochures sold by RSB have volume control, stereo sound and are rechargeable via a USB cable. It is this combination of functionality and a strong visual impact that makes this an alternative increasingly adopted by companies from the most varied sectors.


Still not convinced? Discover 4 advantages of using video brochures:

  1. The Video Brochure is a Differentiating Solution
    It’s no secret that the way you choose to present your products and services directly impacts the purchase decision process. Your client has certainly come across many brochures, make a difference! If they remember your brochure, they will remember your product.
    The Video Brochure not only guarantees that it will capture the attention of those who interact with it, it also conveys your message in a memorable way.
  2. It’s a Solution that Causes Less Wastestrong, strong,
    In recent years, consumers have become more aware of their impact on the environment and consequently more concerned about the sustainability policy of the companies they support.
    The video brochure is the ideal option for companies looking for alternatives to paper, the videos can be updated keeping the exterior of the device avoiding the need to produce a new brochure when you want to implement changes. This is an option that allows the transmission of a large amount of information with less waste of resources.


  3. Storytelling with Impactstrong,
    Storytelling is the process of creating and conveying a narrative that the customer/consumer emotionally connects with. This is a marketing trend that is here to stay, having proven its effectiveness in increasing sales and building brand loyalty.
    Although this concept can be applied to other formats, such as text and images, video is undoubtedly the most effective way to create an emotional connection, as confirmed by the growing popularity of video marketing. The Video Brochure allows you to get the best out of this strategy.
  4. It’s A Solution That Communicates Efficiently Strong
    According to experts in the field of Neuromarketing 90% of the data we process is visual, because the human brain processes images faster than texts. It is not difficult, therefore, to realize that it is easier to communicate information via an informational or testimonial video, than to subject the consumer to paragraph after paragraph of text that they are unlikely to retain. That’s where the Video Brochure comes in.
    In addition, the video format allows the implementation of testimonial videos, a strategy implemented by several companies, since they serve as “social proof”. This concept of neuromarketing, in a simplified way, refers to the act of demonstrating to the potential consumer/client that your product/service is already used by other people or companies, giving credibility to the product or service to be presented and, by extension, the brand. Making Video Brochure a more efficient form of communication than more traditional alternatives.

What are you waiting for to implement the Video Brochure in your communication strategy?

At RSB, the commercialization of this digital solution includes design, printing, programming and customized production according to the image to be adopted, as well as the production of audiovisual content or adaptation of films provided by the customer. There is also the possibility of implementing holographic technology in the Video Brochure through the Holographic Pyramid solution for Mobile Phones and Tablets.

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