A techological 2 in 1 for Tecknopack

Tecnopack, known for providing high quality packaging solutions at affordable prices to production lines, took the liberty of requesting once again the services of RSB for the creation of a personalized and differentiating stand, characterized by its large portico and installation of a suspended hologram.

This brand, headquartered in the United States of America, comprises services ranging from consultancy to customer support through after-sales support. Your legacy of 70 years of experience serving the areas of industry and commerce is supported by a team of consultants prepared to support the client in choosing the best solution.

In case it was built, it presented a very modern design, with enough space to display the various technologies that the brand had to present to the public. The suspended hologram was installed at the top of the stand and consisted of the presentation of its logo in 3D, having also been given a sense of movement, thus marking an innovative position in another project carried out by the RSB team!

RSB – outSTANDing!

Tecnopack Custom Stand with Suspended Hologram