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Design and Technology: The Baxter Booth Created by RSB

At RSB we love a good challenge and we recently had the opportunity to up our game by working once again with Baxter to create a truly innovative trade show stand in Italy. This collaboration not only allowed us to showcase our design and construction skills, but also demonstrated the power of our digital solutions.

Stand Design and Construction

From the beginning, we knew the Baxter booth had to be special. Combining aesthetics with functionality, we created a space that not only highlighted Baxter’s products and services, but also reflected the company’s identity and values. Using high-quality materials and modern design, we achieved a booth that was both cozy and impressive.

The layout was carefully planned to maximize visitor flow, ensuring every element of the stand contributed to a memorable experience. Interactive demonstration areas and strategic lighting were just some of the features we incorporated to create an inviting and dynamic environment.

To complement the experience, we equipped the booth with interactive screens and tablets, providing visitors with a dynamic and engaging way to explore Baxter products and services. These digital tools allowed direct and personalized interaction, further increasing the impact of the stand.

The Magic of the 3D Holographic Fan

To add an extra touch of innovation, we included our 3D Holographic Fan digital solution. This high-tech device projects a 3D image, creating the illusion of objects floating in the air. The fan uses LED lights to manipulate spectators’ perception, resulting in a mesmerizing visual experience that attracted countless onlookers to the booth.

The 3D Holographic Fan is not just a visual trick, it is a powerful communication tool. During the show, it was used to present key information about Baxter products in a captivating and memorable way. The ability to project 3D images that appear to be suspended in the air caught the attention and imagination of visitors, making the presentation of the products even more impactful.


Working with Baxter was a rewarding experience that allowed us to showcase the best of what RSB has to offer in design, construction and innovative digital solutions. From initial conception to final assembly, each step was taken with an unwavering commitment to quality and excellence.

If you’re looking for a way to highlight your brand at events and fairs, RSB has the perfect solution for you. Contact us and discover how we can turn your vision into reality, with a touch of technological magic.

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