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Elegance and Innovation: The stand that made its mark at Heimtextil 2024

A Betão e Veludo ( ) , challenged us to create for your client ALKARAM , the booth for the Heimtextil 2024 fair in Frankfurt that not only showcased their products but also embodied the essence of their brand.

Enchanting Stand:

Every detail was considered to create a welcoming atmosphere where visitors could sense the quality of the textiles with just a glance. With sophisticated and elegant colors, soft textures, and innovative visual elements, we transformed the space into a unique sensory experience.


Refinement in Every Detail:

Refinement was the keyword. From the chosen materials to the careful arrangement of products, each detail reflected the quality and professionalism of our client. Visitors were immersed in an atmosphere of elegance and modernity.

Shining Lighting:

We know that lighting can completely transform an environment. In the case of this stand, we designed strategic lighting that highlighted the products, provided a welcoming ambiance, and attracted visitors like a luminous beacon.

Touch of Technology:

In addition to exceptional design, we integrated an Interactive Mupi. Although it was a subtle addition, it provided visitors with an interactive experience, complementing the classic essence of the stand.

From the Fair to the Future:

At RSB, we believe that each booth is an opportunity to tell a unique story. This project at Heimtextil 2024 was not just a collaboration; it was a journey where innovation and design came together to create something truly extraordinary.

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