Exclusible Event | Portable Hologram

This Exclusible event featured RSB’s digital solutions.

The event, which took place in the city of Lisbon, linked to a company that is well aware of the importance of being aware of the latest technological trends, featured the Portable Hologram solution with personalized content.

The hologram fan simulates projecting an image, video lettering and animated logos into the air. This solution comes with built-in acrylic protection and the designed content is completely customizable to serve multiple purposes and fit the image of the brand or company. The imagination is the limit!

The holographic effect created by this handheld device is truly mesmerizing and guaranteed to capture attention. Holographic technology, having the strong visual impact it has, serves both as a way of promoting a company or brand and as a futuristic decorative piece that brings interest to any event.

The ideal solution to bring a memorable communication element to any event or advertising campaign.

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