Expodentária Portugal 2021 | Stand Foquim Dental

RSB was present at Expodentária 2021 at Altice Forum Braga, with a stand for the company Foquim Dental.

Foquim Dental is a company that sells dental equipment. The design for its stand was designed not only to fit in with the company’s visual identity, but also to draw attention to the stand, where exhibitors dedicated to the products sold by the company were incorporated. The union of functionality with a strong visual impact.

Foquim Dental Stand at Expodentária 2021 Seen from above

Foquim Dental Stand at Expodentária 2021 with visitors

Foquim Digital Stand at Expodentária 2021, focusing on the dentist chair Side view of the Foquim Dental Stand at Expodentária 2021, in Braga

And as RSB specializes in creating differentiating stands, through the incorporation of digital solutions, our digital suspended hologram solution was used on the stand. Through LED light technology, the hologram projects a 3D image that appears to be suspended. A visually striking effect that guarantees to highlight any stand.

*The effect recorded in the video does not correspond to the real potential of this solution. The fluid movements of the hologram cannot be captured correctly on video creating gaps that are not visible live.

RSB takes care of all stages of stand development, from design and construction, to transport, assembly and subsequent disassembly.

Dental Foquim Stand under construction

Stand construction for the customer Foquim Dental

Dental Foquim Stand with Suspended Hologram Digital Solution at Expodentária 2021

Dental Foquim Stand with Suspended Hologram Digital Solution, seen from the front at Expodentária 2021

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