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Firstpharma | Exhibition Stands

At RSB we like challenges and we rolled up our sleeves with the creation and construction of a stand for the pharmaceutical company FirstPharma! In this way, we are present at the Expofarma Fair which took place at the Lisbon Congress Center between the 9th and 11th of February!

Stand Firstpharma

With a cleaner and more simplistic design, we fit the brand’s visual identity with the elements present in this stand, completely designed and customized by our team, based on the brand’s logo. This inspiration is visible through the very structure of the stand, the counter and also the cross in the shape of the logo’s insignia.

Stand Firstpharma with the pharmaceutical cross

Our Digital Solutions helped in the dissemination of the brand’s products in a differentiating way, with our 115 cm Suspended Hologram (3D Holographic Fan), which creates an optical illusion that generates a strong visual impact, due to its ability to interact with the image .

Stand First pharma Ledwall and Portable Suspended Hologram

Stand Firstpharma befirst

Our 3D Portable Holographic Fan, on the other hand, helped in the projection of the various Firstpharma products in the spotlight! Thanks to its acrylic projection, its use is allowed close to the general public, thus there is a greater interaction with this solution! 😊

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