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Holographic Conference for SONAE – Holobox

Let’s share an event that undoubtedly marked the history of conferences: a unique and futuristic experience we provided for SONAE. Picture yourself stepping into a universe where reality blends with technology.

Welcome to our latest feat: the holographic conference featuring a very special figure in the spotlight!

The Innovation Challenge: Transforming Communication

On this journey to reinvent communication, we were challenged to raise the bar for event experiences. SONAE was looking for something truly innovative, something that transcended the boundaries of the ordinary. That’s when the idea emerged to bring the president to the conference, not in a conventional way, but with a stunning hologram.

Holobox: The Gateway to the Unimaginable

Our secret weapon for this proposal? Our Holobox, a device that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Imagine a magical box capable of projecting a life-sized figure, as if it were right there before your eyes. That’s exactly what we did – we created a portal to an experience that defies logic and captivates everyone present.

The President in Hologram: Surprising Realism

Our team worked tirelessly to capture every detail of the President of the Republic. The result? A surprisingly realistic hologram, with nuances of expression, gestures, and even the intonation of the voice. Conference participants felt as if they were in the presence of the real leader, even if only virtually.

Reactions and Emotions: The Success of the Holographic Conference

The audience’s reactions couldn’t have been better. The initial astonishment gave way to admiration, and the futuristic atmosphere of the conference created a conducive environment for discussions and interactions.

Conclusion: The Future of Communication Begins Now

This holographic experience wasn’t just an event; it was a bold leap into the future of communication. We demonstrated that technology can unite people in unimaginable ways, providing experiences that will transcend time and space. We are excited to continue exploring the frontiers of innovation and creating experiences that will be etched in everyone’s memory.

Stay tuned for the latest updates and innovative projects we are preparing. After all, at RSB, the future is now, and each project is a unique opportunity to create something extraordinary.

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