Interactive 360º VR Film and Glasses + Augmented Reality: Mylan

In 3,2,1 there was action and we shot a series of VR movies for Mylan but we didn’t stop there!

At the same time, we market the 360º VR interactive glasses to medical action delegates who chose this technology as a form of creative dissemination of a new drug.

That’s why, through innovative and attractive content, Mylan chose this technology, which was added to the creation of videos with augmented reality, in partnership with the agency Circulo Médico.

Augmented reality is a technology that projects content (characters, graphics and images) in the real world and goes far beyond games. In fact, it can extend to various fields like medicine, tourism and advertising.

Due to the increasing number of web access by mobile devices, it is an area that is increasingly explored and that complements virtual reality.

The possibilities are increasingly wide so if you have an idea for your business, talk to us!