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Lays | Digital Exhibit | Hypermarkets

This time RSB was challenged to innovate in the implementation of a new display concept at the point of sale for hypermarkets in order to make a difference through Interactive and Holographic Digital Solutions… and here it is!

Retail Shelf Screens / Digital Display and Hanging Hologram - Lays

Retail Shelf Screens / Digital Display and Hanging Hologram in hypermarket - Lays

New technologies have been demonstrating that there are no limits to their progress, as they are constantly changing and innovating.
Making a difference at points of sale with digital solutions and innovative technologies is very important, because in addition to improving visual communication and market positioning, they captivate and stimulate the customer.
Betting on innovative strategies, attractive content and interactive technologies at points of sale are a way to achieve prominence in the consumer’s mind.
With these technologies, it is possible to have a strong presence, an attractive environment and increase brand awareness, attracting customer attention and creating stimulus that help facilitate the purchase decision process.
It is important that brands are aware of the Digital Solutions that can be used to highlight their product or service.

If you want to enhance your brand or highlight a product through these technologies, we can help!

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