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MCoutinho and RSB, a partnership with a future.

It was during the Mechanics fair 2016 that we started a partnership with Mcoutinho. We created a personalized stand full of technology.

Our special thanks to the entire team involved.


” After the end of the MECÂNICA 2016 event, the companies MCoutinho Peças and AZ Auto made an extremely positive balance, not only because their presence was carefully studied in advance, but because there was also a strong adhesion by customers and the public target to both stands.

Regarding the highlights of the event, AZ Auto and MCoutinho Peças emphasize that the stand, designed in conjunction with the communication company RSB, conveyed the technologically advanced stage in which both companies are.

In the case of the MCoutinho Peças stand, the company emphasizes the virtual hostess, which allowed constant communication with the public, where, through an interactive and dynamic presentation, it managed to arouse curiosity for products, services and brands. In addition, it also functioned as an element of differentiation and innovation, using differentiating graphic visual elements.

On the other hand, the AZ Auto space stood out with a holographic showcase, which exposed, in a unique and impressive way, one of Ate’s products, a brand in which AZ Auto is the distribution leader.

The way of transmitting the contents gave the impression that there was a product floating inside the screen, which was often hidden by images with movements and graphic animations, developed in a personalized way for the brands represented by AZ Auto.

With this integration of real objects with virtual content, companies have boosted the communication capacity of the different products they represent and, consequently, of their respective brands. Due to the extremely positive balance of this year, AZ Auto and MCoutinho Peças confirm their presence at next year’s event, which will take place in Lisbon.”

in Jornal das oficinas,


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