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Mystic Invest and RSB: VR Innovation at QSP Summit 2024

In the universe of events and fairs, innovation is the key to standing out. With this mindset, our client Mystic Invest approached us, aiming to create an immersive and unforgettable experience for the QSP Summit 2024 at Exponor, Porto. And, of course, at RSB, we love a good challenge!

The Challenge

Mystic Invest asked us to develop a custom interactive application to be used with two pairs of RSB virtual reality (VR) glasses. The mission? Create a tranquil and sophisticated virtual environment where visitors could explore the various services offered by Mystic Invest group companies in an innovative and engaging way.

The Solution: A Virtual Content Room

Our team rolled up their sleeves and began designing the experience. We envisioned a serene virtual environment, a sophisticated living room equipped with multiple screens. Each virtual screen represented a television playing promotional videos from various companies within the Mystic Invest group.

Imagine stepping into this virtual room, where the environment invites exploration. With VR glasses, visitors could move freely, choose which screen to watch, and navigate through the content in an intuitive and interactive manner. All of this, without leaving the comfort of the stand’s chair!

Interactive Content Development

We developed the application from scratch, ensuring that every detail was designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience. The promotional videos were integrated to ensure maximum quality and visual impact. The result? A smooth navigation and interaction that made visitors forget they were at an event and transported them directly into the Mystic Invest universe.


Working with Mystic Invest on this project was an incredible opportunity to showcase our ability to innovate and deliver high-quality digital solutions.

At RSB, we love turning challenges into creative and impactful solutions. If you also want to take your brand to the next level, get in touch with us. Let’s create experiences together that leave a lasting impression!

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