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Networking – tricks to never forget a name again

Anyone connected to the commercial area inevitably goes through this scenario: a networking event, a commercial socialization event, that moment when, for professional reasons, in a relatively short space of time, we are introduced or introduced to others, exchange visit and sound out possible business ties. We say our name many times and hear those of others as many times or even more.

Let’s get straight to the point. Why is it so hard to remember the name of someone we’ve just met? Well, it’s really hard to fix a name when we’re surrounded by millions of clues, information and facts that our brain tries to capture. We are concerned with providing interesting data, with unlocking conversation, focused on what we hear and what we want to say. Consciously (or unconsciously) we focus on what the other is wearing, on body language, on the way they speak and we analyze, analyze, analyze. It is therefore easy to hear a name and so quickly forget about it.



The 1st tip? Ask them to repeat the name to us several times.

After the presentation and while the handshake lasts, ask them to remind us again. “Joana?!”

And the person will confirm: “Exato, Joana.”

“Okay, I fixed it. Nice to meet you Joana.”

At this point you have heard the name a total of 4 times. The first time when they exchanged introductions and another 3 times before even starting a conversation. This thread was recorded in short-term memory. But, as much as we would like this memory to last longer, the truth is that it is not, and unlike some sites where after registering we forget the password and we can resort to a “reset password” window in life really we are on our own. And if we point out codes, passwords, passwords and contacts in diaries, why not do the same with people’s names?

That’s right , aim. To write virtually and concretely. Make use of the notebooks and diaries of our mobile devices or a simple sheet of paper. Record, annotate, compose, write, represent using characters… It’s as simple as this: write the name. Have you been introduced to the owner of your favorite restaurant? Anote: Gerente PapaRock, Baixa do Porto, Joel. Have you met someone you usually see in a certain place numerous times? Anote: Praça do Comércio, always wears jeans, very short hair, Rogério. Whenever there is the slightest chance of seeing that person again, write their name. In addition to being gratifying for the person in question, it will be a very strong point in their favor. “Wow! I can’t believe you remembered my name!”




You’re not cheating. You’re being ingenious.

We are living in an era where much of what we need to know or remember can be accessed via the internet. Do you not remember a certain fact? Go to Google. Do you not remember the way? Put it on the GPS. Do you not remember a contact? Check your cell phone’s book. If so, why not apply this same logic when trying to remember someone’s name?

Take note of this tip. Try it.