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Pinopine | Exhibition Stands

We rolled up our sleeves to create and build a stand for Pinopine! In this way, we traveled to Germany to be present at the European Coatings Show 2023, which took place from March 28th to 30th!

Pinopine stand at the European Coatings Show

This is a fully customized stand, where we bet on colors in shades of white and yellow to distinguish the brand’s visual identity. between many others. Its more clean and simplistic design is also based on the set of structures and patterns that reflect the image of this brand!

Pinopine stand with logo details

Front Wall Stand by Pinopine

In addition to the design produced being fully adapted to the needs of each brand, our stands become differentiating and more captivating due to the digital and holographic technology that we incorporate and for which we also produce the contents.

So, as usual, we use our 3D Holographic Fan to design the Pinopine logo on top of the stand. This is a differentiating way for any brand to be easily recognized from a long distance.

3D Holographic Fan from the Pinopine Stand

This equipment stands out for its difference and the visual impact it causes. Its LED lighting technology manipulates and plays with the viewer’s perception, creating a mesmerizing optical illusion. The fact that it is discreet and almost invisible makes the image seem, as if by magic, that it is levitating in the air.

In addition to this solution, we also use our Holographic Showcase to design a resin stone! Its way of transmitting gives the clear impression that there is an image floating inside this showcase, with movements and graphic animations developed in a personalized way.

Holographic showcase at the Pinopine stand

Finally, for the 75” LED TV that was on one of the walls of this stand, we produced a corporate video that told a little about the history of resin production and where it can be incorporated into anyone’s daily life!

Do you want to know more about our Digital Solutions? We unravel a little bit of the veil here!

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