Press: Talking to Jornal Público

Amid the excitement of planning and implementing new projects, we aroused the curiosity of Jornal Público, with whom we had the pleasure of revealing what characterizes us as a communication agency and what plans we have for the future, as we had already announced on our Facebook page. For example, did you know that, in Portugal, we are pioneers in the commercialization of all interactive and holographic digital solutions available on the market? Or that we are present across borders?

You can find out more about us in this interview included in the monthly Business Portugal supplement of Jornal Público that was conducted with our general manager Ricardo Benta.

In order to catch your attention, here is an excerpt from the interview:

We are always on the lookout for news. What today makes a small crowd gather around a stand or an event tomorrow may not work. The public is demanding and it’s a good thing it is. Our customers are the first to please and surprise and then we have the public that visits the fair. Our customer’s potential customer. It is a circle, a cycle, a chain of interests that we can never neglect.

In fact, it is our customers who deserve the spotlight because without them nothing would be possible. We are waiting for your opinion!

Article about RSB Comunicação na Imagem in Jornal Público