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RSB at BTL: Stands, Digital Solutions, and a WOW effect!

This year, we took over BTL at FIL Lisbon with our customized stands, and, of course, added a touch of “wow” to every corner!

Custom Stands:

We built true works of art in the form of stands for our clients. Who said BTL couldn’t be a gallery of creativity? From iconic monuments to emblematic moments, each stand told a unique story. The result? The audience didn’t just visit; they also immersed themselves in a visual and emotional experience.




Creative Technology:

Because simply showing up is not enough, we brought our digital solutions to add an extra dose of digital creativity to our clients’ stands. And, of course, we brought our technological baggage to give that creative push to our clients’ stands! 3D Holographic Fan? Yes, we have that! Transparent Led Wall? Check! Interactive Mupi? Present! We transform spaces into immersive experiences because at RSB, technology is not just to be seen, it’s to be lived!


Because a tourism fair can be more than serious flyers and dull presentations. With RSB, we added our touch of creativity to every interaction. If you don’t leave with a smile, we won’t refund your money (just kidding, but we promise it’ll be worth it)!

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