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RSB | Webinar ”Epilepsy”

RSB held a Webinar whose theme was Epilepsy. An egreen screen multi-camera system was used. The event was produced at RSB studios and broadcast simultaneously in Porto and Lisbon for 2 days.

Production of the webinar ''Epilepsy''

Webinars are events, presentations, seminars or lectures hosted and broadcast online using webinar software.

Recording of the Webinar

The great advantage of an event like this, and what makes it so effective, is the use of two-way communication. Participants and presenters can interact with each other, and give, receive and share information in real time.

Green Screen Set Up for ''Epilepsy'' Webinar

Set up for ''Epilepsy'' Webinar - Green Screen

Webinar production backstage

backstage webinar

Presentation of the Webinar on Epilepsy