Stand Grupo Ghost

Event: Private Labels // Dates: May 16th and 17th // Client: Grupo Ghost


The Private Labels Fair took place on the 16th and 17th of May in Amsterdam, Holland.

The companies present wanted to highlight the characteristics that would make them the best choice for mass production of white label products.

With 54 square meters, the Grupo Ghost stand presented the Nunex Worldwide and Suavecel brands.

The technologies incorporated were the interactive multitouch screen and the 360º glasses for which the video recorded at the factory in Viana do Castelo was created. During the fair, visitors had the opportunity to see the interior of the factory and watch the development of the production line, following the various stages that lead to the various final products presented by the Group’s brands: diapers, toilet paper, kitchen towels, handkerchiefs, paper, etc.


RSB – outSTANDing!


Custom Stand - Ghost Group
Interior of the Virtual Stand - Ghost Group
Digital Solution of Transparent Screen and Interactive Glasses 360º Virtual Reality - Stand Grupo Ghost