Technologies in RSB stands

Event: Private Labels // Dates: May 16th and 17th // Client: Grupo Ghost

Transparent Screen in the Ghost Group's Custom Stand

Of the technologies included in the Grupo Ghost stand, the one that made the biggest splash was undoubtedly the 360º video, which allowed a virtual tour of the intricate factory production line. Immediately following, in terms of impact, was the transparent multitouch screen. In the case of this Fair, as we are talking about two brands of the same Group, we chose to divide the screen into two exhibitions: on the top shelf was placed one of the Nunex diapers (real object) with an animation explaining the elements, layers and materials that we can find inside a diaper; on the lower shelf, the premium toilet paper rolls from the Suavecel brand were highlighted.

Customized Stand by Grupo Ghost with 360º Virtual Reality Interactive Glasses Technology

Man with Interactive Glasses 360º Virtual Reality - Visit to the Factory Production Line

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