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The Best Interactive and Holographic Digital Solutions for Fairs: Make Your Booth the Main Stage!

Trade shows are crucial moments for any company to showcase its best, and technology can be your best ally in this process. At RSB, we know how to create a real spectacle with our interactive and holographic digital solutions, ensuring that your booth is the center of attention and leaves a lasting impression on visitors. Get ready to elicit smiles and leave the competition wondering, “How did they do that?”

3D Holographic Fan:

Because showcasing your products in 2D is a thing of the past! With our 3D hologram, your products will seem ready to jump off the booth and into the lives of customers. Imagine projecting a 3D image that appears to be suspended in the air, mesmerizing viewers with an incredible optical illusion. With the 3D Holographic Fan, this is the sensation we provide. With state-of-the-art fan and LED light technology, we create a visual impact that is impossible to ignore.


Do you want a way to attract visitors? Holobox is the answer! With 4K quality and life-size volumetric representations, this transparent LED display brings any object or person into the device, creating a unique and captivating experience. Who knows, maybe they’ll even get an autograph!

Transparent LED Wall:

Do you want to convey content effectively and creatively? The Transparent LED Wall is the perfect solution. With up to 80% transparency, it allows for clear communication while creating a modern and sophisticated atmosphere. It’s like having a booth with virtual windows, but much more impressive!

Levitation Display:

Who said your products can’t fly? If you really want to showcase your products, the Levitation Module is the right choice. Using magnetic forces to levitate objects, this futuristic solution not only attracts attention but also adds a touch of magic to your booth.

Portable 3D Holographic Fan:

Don’t want to be tied down to your booth? No problem! For a more versatile option, the Portable 3D Holographic Fan offers all the advantages of holography in a compact and easy-to-transport format.

Transparent Screen:

Because showcasing your products on a simple television is too boring! This transparent LCD display is perfect for showcasing your products in an interactive and engaging way, adding a touch of modernity to your booth. It’s like having a booth from the future… but now!

Holographic/Digital Showcase:

Make your products look like they’re performing a magic trick with our Holographic Showcase. We transform the exhibition of your products into a unique and impactful experience, ensuring that your booth stands out from the competition.

3D Holographic Fan Backpack:

Do you want your products to be the center of attention wherever you go? For a more dynamic approach, the 3D Holographic Fan Backpack allows you to take your message directly to visitors, creating a memorable experience wherever you go. It’s like having a fashion show, but with products instead of models!

Interactive Mupi:

Let your customers interact with your products in a completely new way with our Interactive Mupi. With a 55″ multitouch screen, visitors will feel like they’re touching the future!

Interactive Multitouch Table:

The Multitouch Interactive Table offers an innovative and engaging way to interact with your products and services, ensuring that visitors feel truly involved. With a variety of customization options, it’s like having a command center for your products!

With these digital solutions, we guarantee that your booth will be the center of attention at any trade show. Get in touch with us and discover how we can turn your next participation into a true spectacle!

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