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Videobooth 360º | Digital Solutions

We live in a world where video is gaining more and more importance and, as such, we could not fail to invest in new technologies to keep up with trends!

360º Videobooth at the Nau Hotels stand

The Videobooth 360º has been the great revolutionary in transforming a simple video clip into something customizable and possible to be shared the moment it is captured. Fantastic, don’t you think? So don’t leave that side, because we are going to introduce you to some features of our new Solution:

1# Allows us to make a 360º turn around ourselves

Its operation is much simpler than it looks! Participants go up to a platform and the camera that is incorporated here takes a complete turn over the people, who can record this clip with accessories so that their videos are even more fun (and that fit within the event in which they are participating ).

2# These video clips are transformed into slow motion the instant they are captured

Yes it is true! At the end of the recording, the video is processed and transformed into a video in slow motion, which captures all perspectives around the participants. In the end, these are sent to each person’s email or any other platform and can then be shared on social media!



3# Can be used in any event

If you want your event to be recognized for its more fun and technological side, then this is one of our ideal solutions for you! With the Videobooth 360º we can guarantee that your event does not go unnoticed, working as an excellent brand activation, as it is even possible to add your logo in this video!

4# The scenario is completely customizable and adaptable to each request

From using a more traditional setting to applying a LEDwall to create a more immersive moment, everything is possible when choosing the desired setting! And at RSB we make magic happen!

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