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What is video mapping?

Do you Still don’t know Video Mapping? No problem, RSB explains.


Video Mapping or Mapped Projection is a technique of projecting video or graphic animations into complex shapes and irregular surfaces, whose popularity has been growing both in the cultural and commercial environments.

This technology allows the creation of optical illusions and the sensation of movement in static objects. As a rule, during the production of video mapping, audiovisual narratives are created by combining or triggering video with audio, which translates into extraordinary results.

It is a totally clean audiovisual tool, not having to use a single piece of paper, plastic or fabric, just projection. This tool is the definition of visual technology.


How it works?

In in a summarized way, the surface that will serve as a screen for the projection is mapped in 3D and then the system calculates all its curves and bumps. The video or graphic animation is then adapted to the mapped structure, in order to avoid any kind of distortion when projected onto shapes and volumes.

Some of the most common examples that you may have already witnessed are the use of this projection technique on the facades of buildings and even cars.


What is Video Mapping used for and why is it of interest to your company?

Good thing you ask. Video Mapping has become increasingly popular in different areas.

There is, as is the case with all forms of audiovisual communication, an artistic aspect associated with this tool, being used in numerous artistic installations or as a way of breathing new life into some of the most iconic works of art in the world.

The Atelier des Lumières, in France, is a good example of this type of use, having used this technology for its exhibition dedicated to Van Gogh’s masterpieces, which came to life projected and animated on the 10-meter walls of the installations.

However, one of the sectors that has been using this technology the most is the advertising sector. Advertising Video Mapping offers a world of opportunities for campaigns and companies don’t miss them.


As already mentioned, Video Mapping is a strong messaging tool, which can be used on a small scale in small interior spaces, urban furniture, or even tables, or applied on a large scale in historic monuments or large arenas.

Companies from the most diverse sectors, large and small, have used this tool to create successful campaigns, increase their notoriety, activate brands, capture the public’s attention, leave a lasting impression and stand out on social networks.

The value of this communication solution has already been recognized by renowned brands, such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Samsung, Audi, among many others.


Do you need a way to dazzle the public at your next event? Do you need the solution for an unforgettable campaign? Video Mapping is the solution and RSB is here to help you through the process.


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