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4 Ideas On How To Use Our Transparent LED Wall

Our solutions are like magic, but to finish the potion, it is necessary to add a dash of creativity. To do this, we present you with a series of creative ideas on how to use our Transparent LED Wall that will make everyone think it’s Houdini.

1# Transmit visual elements related to the company



In an event with several companies, it is very easy to go unnoticed by those who are visiting and it can be difficult to find a way to make all the guests know your visual identity. With RSB, however, the word hard doesn’t exist, and our solution could be just what you’re looking for. The transparency of the screen makes it possible to broadcasting the company name, logo or video without covering the background, thus being able to place the screen in front of your stand without making it impossible to see what is behind the LED Wall. This way, your stand will still be visible, and our screen will give a touch of magic that will stay in the mind of anyone who sees it like that song that comes on the radio on the way to work.

2# Showcase of a product



This same feature can be used for product placing and showrooms. Instead of simply having your product demonstrated in a shop window like everyone else, differentiate yourself and add our solution to your display. In this case, the transparency of the screen is an even greater help, as it makes it possible to add information about your product without blocking the customer’s view of it, or even add some kind of effect, video or image in front of what is being demonstrated. Several street stores or shopping centers already use this option in their windows, especially outside Portugal.

3# Art installations



However, this tool of ours is not just for advertising. As mentioned right at the beginning, creativity is a key part of using this solution in the most effective way possible and, since art and creativity always go hand in hand, art installations and museums can benefit from this technology. Whether to complement an existing piece or to serve as the piece being displayed, the LED Wall Transparent can give the final touch to any artistic exhibition in the world. Digital art is already an expanding area, as is the example of the “Riga Digital Art House”, which using a room with a 360º screen, transforms some of the best paintings from all eras of history into an immersive experience accompanied by a soundtrack.

4# Feed of an event



Corporate events are the perfect opportunity to get to know and create connections with other professionals, in order to extend your network of contacts in the business world. With the help of technological resources, many of these events have chosen to create a “feed” or a “chat” for people within the convention to exchange messages through an application or a website, which are then transmitted on a screen to everyone to see. With our Transparent Led Wall, it is possible to do exactly what has been described, with the advantage of not blocking the view of what is happening behind the screen, thus being able to place the messages in a central area, thus making it more likely that the messages will be read and that more people will pass by over there. Who knows if with this method someone will find a future client of yours? Or a future collaborator perhaps? The networking opportunities are limitless.

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