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RSB’s Technology Used at Eurovision 2024: Transparent LED Wall

Eurovision 2024 was “The” standout event this month. Not only for its catchy songs and multicultural performances but also for the innovation and creativity that overflowed in every detail. At RSB, we closely followed the event and were amazed at how audiovisual resources were used …

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Stand Personalizado - Mobilis

Stand Mobilis at Intertraffic 2024: Innovation in the Spotlight

RSB had the privilege to design and build the Mobilis stand, which, besides being functional, was a true success. Our goal was clear: translate the essence of Mobilis into a space that reflected innovation and creativity in every detail. Mobilis, a Brazilian company passionate about …

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Stand Personalizado - BPI

The Innovative BPI Stand: A Sustainable and Stylish Project by RSB

We had the privilege of working with BPI to create a standout booth at Ovibeja, one of the country’s largest agricultural and agro-industrial fairs. RSB took on the responsibility of designing, constructing, and managing the entire booth, ensuring that it perfectly reflected the identity and …

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Captive Transparent Innovation at the 2023 Agrival Fair

In the most recent edition of the famous Feira Agrival, which rocked Penafiel from the 18th to the 27th of August, Tâmega e Sousa stood out for its innovative approach in presenting digital solutions. The equipment present was the Transparent Led Wall which, like a …

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Led wall Transparente com particulas

4 Ideas On How To Use Our Transparent LED Wall

Our solutions are like magic, but to finish the potion, it is necessary to add a dash of creativity. To do this, we present you with a series of creative ideas on how to use our Transparent LED Wall that will make everyone think it’s …

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