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5 GOOGLE TOOLS You Didn’t Know But You’ll Love

It may have even started out as the biggest search engine in the World, but Google is currently an indispensable tool for many Digital Marketing professionals.

Here, we use many tools such as Google Analytics, Trends, Adwords, Drive, among others.

But these are the tools we know. It’s just that when we look at the subject we realize that this is a Pandora’s box, only that misfortunes are not released, tools are released and so many that we didn’t even know existed. We were surprised to find that many of them can be used for free.

In this post, we are going to introduce 5 Google tools and quickly explain what they are for.


Google Keep

Do you need to take notes but don’t like writing in notebooks? We then suggest that you use Google Keep. This application, which can be used on your smartphone or computer, allows you to take notes and keep them synchronized, and always accessible, wherever you are.


The Sunroof project promotes the use of solar energy. How does this work? Basically, through maps and weather forecasts, the tool allows users to get an idea of how much money they will save by investing in solar energy.

Google Fonts

Are you Tired of the classic Times New Roman and Arial font? Well, you look for a font that you like! Google has a huge bank of completely free fonts.

Google Cultural Institute

This project, once again signed by Google, explores concert halls around the world, allowing a dynamic 360º perspective and also the possibility to watch excerpts of the show.

Build with Chrome

Do you like Legos? Then you’ll love this tool from Google, which allows you to build Lego buildings… using the World map!