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8 ways to make a splash with 360º videos

We start by assuming that you already have a camera for this purpose.

Now, we assume that you know the main rules for producing a video in this format:

– unlike “normal” films in which the props or extras are behind the cameras, in 360⁰ the viewer has access to the entire environment;

– requires specific conversion software;

– when you edit a video in this format (if you want to put buttons, subtitles, titles, adjust color, include background music, and so on) you have to keep in mind that you will be working on a flat representation of a spherical recording, the which causes some strangeness and requires practice but in the end, it is no more complex than editing a “normal” video.

– finally, the most important and simple step of all: uploading the video. Here you won’t find any difficulties, as both Facebook and Youtube recognize the clip as being 360⁰ and prepare it for viewing. And that’s it|


So let’s go to the “cause a sensation” part?

After completing the relatively simple process of producing a video on this medium, we leave you with 7 ways to stand out, whether individually, as a company, brand or service.



Nescafé was one of the first to recognize the potential of this type of technology. The company uses these videos to show the coffee production process. In the film (part of a series) the company shows the first step: the collection of coffee beans. With the campaign, by demonstrating the freshness of the raw material and the sustainable way of harvesting, they achieve something more: an extraordinary vehicle for publicizing the brand and creating interest.



Another company that uses 360⁰ videos to engage users with their product is Mercedes. For those who couldn’t be in Frankfurt in 2015 during the IAA Motor Show the car manufacturer created this video. In it were shown the prototypes on display as well as new models. They wanted everyone to live the experience of exclusivity even without being physically at the Exhibition. They managed to enhance consumer engagement and increase the reach of the message.




360⁰ videos are one of the best dissemination tools for the tourism industry. Australian airline Qantas has brilliantly touted some of the country’s most popular destinations. The focus goes beyond the final destination and includes scenes from the passenger seat and cockpit during flight and landing.



So far we’ve been talking about multimillion companies, but it’s not just these that are using technology. 360⁰ videos are popular with travel bloggers and Youtubers who with limited budgets and limited resources generate interest, personal connection and who profit from views.




Who doesn’t like to watch videos of limit experiences that only a few fearless are capable of living? Many of us don’t have the skills (or the courage) to bungee jumping, to launch ourselves into the unknown and wingsuit a glide, or even to drive a Formula 1 car. Still, we are curious and would love to experience these adventures.



Aware of this, Red Bull was one of the first to adopt 360⁰ technology. Respecting the strategy they adopt when associating the brand with extreme sports, they have taken a step forward and offer consumers access to incredible experiences.




Meet (if you haven’t already) Zach King. He became an Internet celebrity by creating micro-videos in which he appears performing magic tricks.

Now, Zach produces videos with the same content, but in 360⁰. This format not only continues to guarantee the “Wow!” it also allows followers to become part of the action.



There are video bloggers who use this tool in a more traditional way by sharing the experience of their stories with their followers. This is the case of Louis Cole, who produces daily videos of his trips around the World. In this film we can appreciate how a banal topic generates immediate interest on the part of those who see it and get involved at that precise moment of the journey.




To promote an event, photos or videos of what the visitor is intended to experience are usually used. What better way than to allow people to become part of the event?

When Youtube launched 360⁰ videos in March 2015, one of the first channels to create content in this new format was Tomorrowland, one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the World.

This was even the first 360º video to be released on Youtube:




Another use that certain companies give to 360⁰ videos is the production of short films. Not only with the aim of directly promoting the brand, but also allowing viewers to get involved in a story in which the company’s products are highlighted.

This is what Mini does with the Mini Connected Campaign. A series of short films in which there is room for the viewer in the story.


Dimension Gate is a company that produces virtual reality videos and has found an interesting way to promote the brand. Instead of turning to the traditional showreel to present some of their best work, they’ve created a series of short horror films that they want to go viral with the ultimate goal of increasing brand exposure. Watch one of these videos if you dare.




Many artists are joining the 360⁰ video trend to increase the reach of their publications and generate repeated consumption. As we know, the more we listen to a song, the more likely it is to be engraved in our head. However, unless you are a die-hard fan of an artist, you are not able to listen to the same song over and over again. The solution is to create 360⁰ videos. You can never see everything that is happening at first sight. To satisfy our curiosity we have to watch the film again and therefore listen to the theme.

This is what Swedish musician Avicii achieved with the clip we shared: