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Elegance and Innovation at M.A.SILVA’s Stands at SITEVI.

We are pleased to share the story of a truly special collaboration that brought the charm and sophistication of M.A.SILVA and NEOTECH to the forefront at the SITEVI Fair in France.

Two Stands, One Concept:

Imagine two exhibition booths that not only showcase the quality of cork stoppers but also tell a visually captivating story. That’s what we managed to achieve for our client, and the results were truly extraordinary.

Refined Design:

The concept behind the design was to capture the essence of cork: its natural beauty and the tradition it represents. Elegant lines, nature-inspired colors, and exquisite finishes formed the foundation to create an environment that not only reflected the quality of cork stoppers but also elevated them to objects of art.

Digital Solutions in Harmony:

We introduced digital elements to add a modern layer to tradition. The Suspended Hologram created a captivating spectacle, projecting mesmerizing images that held the attention of everyone present. The Transparent LED Wall illuminated the space, highlighting the unique characteristics of cork stoppers as well as the brand’s story.

The holographic showcases provided a fascinating view of 3D logos. And the Interactive Mupi allowed visitors to explore, interact, and learn more about the journey of cork stoppers.

From Stand to Unforgettable Experience:

It wasn’t just about showcasing products; it was about creating an immersive experience. Visitors not only admired the cork stoppers but were also transported to the heart of the production process, feeling the passion and dedication that permeate each piece.

This collaboration is a testament to the power of effective communication and intelligent design in bringing to life an industry so rich in tradition. Regardless of the industry, RSB is determined to bring a fusion of creativity and technology to every project.

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