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Elegance and Innovation at M.A.SILVA’s Stands at SITEVI.

We are pleased to share the story of a truly special collaboration that brought the charm and sophistication of M.A.SILVA and NEOTECH to the forefront at the SITEVI Fair in France. Two Stands, One Concept: Imagine two exhibition booths that not only showcase the quality …

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menino com óculos de realidade virtual a vaguear pelo espaço

The world of the Metaverse: the 5 points you need to know

For those who like to keep abreast of technological trends, this may no longer be a topical topic, but the truth is that the world of the Metaverse continues to be unknown to a large number of people. If that’s your case, don’t worry, RSB …

Sala com um holograma de um elefante.

Let’s talk about Holograms?

Despite not being new, holograms continue to cause surprise and admiration! After all, how is it possible to create a 3D levitating image? Why does this type of communication become a strong brand activation for your company? At RSB we have the answers you are …

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Holographic Showcase at the Non Fungible Conference

RSB at Non Fungible Conference

At RSB we are experts in surprising… and that’s what happened with our Holographic Showcase, which was present at the Non Fungible Conference, a conference about NFT’s. This time, the emphasis was given to the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa project, through the Faz …

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