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Nau Hotels | 3D Holographic Fan

In addition to the creation and construction of the stand for NAU Hotels, as brand activation we use several of our Digital Solutions.

Stand Nau



Naturally, we have added our Digital Solutions to this stand: 2 units of 115 cm 3D Holographic Fan (on which we projected the NAU logo), 1 unit of our Portable 3D Holographic Fan, which delighted visitors by also simulating the brand’s logo suspended on one of the walls of the stand.

Stand Nau Hotels side view

Stand Nau Hotels 3D Portable Holographic Fan

For our Mupi Digital we developed a slot machine application to offer prizes! 😊

Stand Nau Hotels with Mupi Digital

In addition, we also had brand activation that included a Curved Ledwall Screen and a Videobooth 360 platform, where anyone could take pictures or make any type of video in 360º with images of the hotel being transmitted behind them, as if they were actually in its premises! Magic really happens, don’t you think?

Videobooth at the Nau Hotels stand

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