Notícias e Novidades

Game of Phones

Campaign: The Game Of Phones promotion

Campaign:  The Game Of Phones promotion – a virtual treasure hunt in which participants must get within 50 metres of a prize and then defend it from other players.  The game title is a play on the TV show Game Of Thrones with users asked …

RSB proudly sponsors: Aftrs Open – Introduction to TV

This weekend course is an intensive introduction into TV presenting. In it, you will explore how to become a strong and individual storyteller through the medium of television. Topics covered include techniques to enhance your delivery, the basics of script writing, and interview tips and …

Our first project in Australia. RBPRO Services Promotional film – Hurray!!!

From the begining this was a project that tested the creative skills of the whole team, Creative Directors and Art Department included. It was the perfect opportunity to cast great talent and  to reinforce our position as a skillful and motivated team eager to define …

RSB Communication, celebrates a day in the life of Perth

The Portuguese company is going international in the emergent market of WA, bringing with them strength to succeed together with video know-how, holograms and revolutionary product presentations.