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RSB and Observador: Technological Innovation at Nova SBE

On June 4th, Nova SBE in Carcavelos hosted an event that brought a breath of innovation and creativity to the world of conferences. We are talking about the Clube dos 52 Conference, promoted by Observador. And who was behind the technological magic that brought this event to life? RSB!

A Memorable Event

The Club of 52, an initiative by Observador launched on March 25th, brought together brilliant minds for a day of reflection and debate. Our role? Ensuring that the event was not only informative but also visually captivating and technologically advanced. For that, we brought two of our most innovative digital solutions: the Interactive Mupi and the 3D Holographic Fan.

Interactive Mupi: Information at your fingertips

Right at the event entrance, participants were greeted by our Interactive Mupi. This device, featuring a 55-inch monitor, allowed guests to interact directly with the content. With a simple touch, they could browse the Observador’s website, explore the event program, and discover detailed information about topics and various speakers.

3D Holographic Fan: Capturing everyone’s attention

But the true star of the show was undoubtedly our 3D Holographic Fan. This incredible piece of technology projected 3D images that seemed to float in the air, capturing the attention and imagination of everyone present. We used this device to promote the conference and celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Observador brand.

At RSB, we take pride in transforming events with our innovative technology and digital solutions. The success of the Clube dos 52 Conference is further proof of our commitment to excellence and innovation. It was a privilege to work with Observador and contribute to an event that will surely leave a lasting impression.

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