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The Interactive Experience of Lay’s with RSB’s Mupi

At the heart of the 3rd Brands Congress – CENTROMARCA, in Estoril, Lay’s, the iconic brand of the PEPSICO group, decided to elevate its consumer experience to a new level. And how? With the help of our 55″ Multitouch Interactive Digital Mupi. Yes, they know how to put on a show!

Everything Begins with an Idea

When Lay’s approached us for the 3rd Brand Congress, the goal was clear: to create a memorable and engaging experience for the event participants. We knew that a simple display would not suffice. We needed something that went beyond the traditional, something that captured the essence of Lay’s – fun, innovative, and irresistible. And that’s where the magic of the Digital Mupi came into play.

The Power of the Interactive Digital Mupi

Our Interactive Multitouch Digital Mupi is not just a screen; it’s a gateway to a world of possibilities. With a 55-inch monitor, this device is capable of attracting attention and engaging minds. The appealing contents were not only visually impressive but also interactive. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good quiz while discovering new delights?

Quiz and Prizes: The Recipe for Success

At the event, Lay’s used our Digital Mupi to present a fun and dynamic quiz that attracted both young people and adults. Imagine a group of people competing to see who could correctly answer questions about the brand and its partnership with the Champions League. Each win was accompanied by Lay’s prizes, further encouraging interaction. It was like being in a digital amusement park, where potato chips were the reward!

Assembly and Support: A Stress-Free Experience

In addition to providing the Interactive Digital Mupi, we also handle all on-site installation logistics. We ensured everything was working perfectly before the event started and provided support throughout its duration. Our team was always on hand to ensure any issues were resolved immediately, allowing Lay’s to focus on what they do best – bringing joy through their delicious products.

An Event to Remember

The impact of the Digital Mupi at Lay’s event was undeniable. Visitors not only had fun but also learned more about the brand in an innovative and engaging way.

Turn the ordinary into extraordinary with RSB’s digital solutions. And remember, with a touch of innovation, even potato chips can become stars of the show!

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