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RSB and Observador: Technological Innovation at Nova SBE

On June 4th, Nova SBE in Carcavelos hosted an event that brought a breath of innovation and creativity to the world of conferences. We are talking about the Clube dos 52 Conference, promoted by Observador. And who was behind the technological magic that brought this …

Our workMupi Digitalsuspended hologram

The Interactive Experience of Lay’s with RSB’s Mupi

At the heart of the 3rd Brands Congress – CENTROMARCA, in Estoril, Lay’s, the iconic brand of the PEPSICO group, decided to elevate its consumer experience to a new level. And how? With the help of our 55″ Multitouch Interactive Digital Mupi. Yes, they know …

Our workMupi Digital

The Success of the Interactive Mupi for BPI: ‘Word Search’ App

At RSB, we specialize in bringing events to life, and recently we had the opportunity to create something truly engaging for BPI. How? With our Interactive Mupi and a custom app that was a hit! We developed a custom application for the Mupi that transformed …

Our workappMupi Digital
Stand Nau Hotels com o Mupi Digital

Nau Hotels | Digital and Interactive Mupi

In addition to the creation and construction of the stand for NAU Hotels, as brand activation we use several of our Digital Solutions.   For Mupi Digital and Interactive, we developed a slot machine application to offer prizes to those who ventured to play with …

Our workdigital solutionsExhibitions stands
Ventoinha Holográfica 3D

We were present at the Web Summit with Mind Source!

With the beginning of November, the Mind Source challenged us to be present at the Web Summit (which took place in Lisbon from the 1st to the 4th of November) with the help of our Digital Solutions: o Muppi Digital and 3D Hologaphic Fan 115 …

Our work3D Holographic FanMind Source