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FOGSCREEN HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTION + 3D HOLOGRAPHIC MESH SCREEN: The secrets of the event that left everyone speechless!

If there’s one thing RSB loves, it’s turning events into true spectacles. And that’s exactly what happened at the Modelo Continente | Sonae event with the theme “Focus on Feeding,” organized (and well) by the Fantone agency.   Fantone called upon the RSB team to …

Our workholographic curtainWATER VAPOR HOLOGRAM SCREEN

Welland Medical Care: A Digital Stage of Information and Innovation

When health is the theme, we bring the ‘wow’ to the conference room! Our client WELLAND MEDICAL nailed it by using our holographic curtain. After all, who said communicating about health couldn’t be magical and fun? The Health Scenario: When it comes to ostomy care, …

Our workdigital solutionsholographic curtain
Congresso da Zurich na Alfândega do Porto

Zurich | 3D Holographic Mesh Screen

As at RSB you never say no to a challenge, we accepted with open arms what was proposed to us by the Tedcom agency and we were present, of course with one of our digital solutions up our sleeves, at the “XXVIII Zurich Congress”.   …

Our workdigital solutionshologram
Photo montage related to the essilor event

Essilor Event

  RSB was challenged by Fullsix to surprise at the Essilor event. And as we love challenges “we roll up our sleeves” and “let’s get to work!” With the help of the talented (and patient!) dancer Vanessa Silva we were able to create, through the …

Our workdigital solutionshologram
Video Mapping Safoni in progress

Dermatite Atópica Congress | Sanofi Genzyme

RSB was challenged by the (fantastic and proactive) agency DNA Creativity to bring innovation and the “WOW effect! ” to the congress on Atopic Dermatitis from the pharmaceutical company Sanofi Genzyme. And like the “Wow effect!” it is something that makes the blood run in …

Our workAugmented realitydigital solutions
RSB digital solutions: hologram and video mapping at MSD event

Holograms and video mapping: MSD

  On September 15, the Portugal Pavilion in Lisbon hosted the 2nd edition of the MSD workshop “The patient at the center of immunotherapy”, where the focus was on lung cancer. It was an event that brought together renowned experts in the field, who had …

Our workdigital solutionshologram
Addo Pharm 3D Holographic Mesh Screen

3D Holographic Mesh Screen: ADDO PHARM

At the ADDO PHARMa Annual Conference our 3D Holographic Mesh Screen made a difference. Through an interaction between the actors and our technology, it was possible to create a didactic and fun moment for the entire audience. Have you ever thought about using this technology …

Our workdigital solutionshologram