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Zurich | 3D Holographic Mesh Screen

As at RSB you never say no to a challenge, we accepted with open arms what was proposed to us by the Tedcom agency and we were present, of course with one of our digital solutions up our sleeves, at the “XXVIII Zurich Congress”.


In a space as historic as Alfândega do Porto, the bar was high. However, the introduction of our innovative 3D Holographic Mesh Screen lived up to expectations and brought Zurich’s CEOs onto the stage without them having to move a muscle! As? Holographically, of course.

To add, since being standing there wasn’t going to be any fun, we also allowed them to interact in real time with whoever was on stage. This made it possible for there to be a dialogue between the CEOs and presenter Pedro Fernandes, just as if they were all in the same place. And before you ask, no, it’s not a spell, it’s RSB! 😝

Cortina Holográfica com os CEOs da Zurich

Our 3D Holographic Mesh Screen allows you to create holographic effects with high image quality that can interact with real and virtual elements, creating an excellent optical illusion effect. The solution’s human-scale size, image definition and the speed of today’s broadband are factors that make it possible to transmit the figure of any person in the world, in real time, communicating from another part of the world as if he were present at the place where the solution is being used.

The event had the motto “Sustainability – a business imperative” and brought together around 700 agents and employees in a relaxed and elegant environment.

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