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FOGSCREEN HOLOGRAPHIC PROJECTION + 3D HOLOGRAPHIC MESH SCREEN: The secrets of the event that left everyone speechless!

If there’s one thing RSB loves, it’s turning events into true spectacles. And that’s exactly what happened at the Modelo Continente | Sonae event with the theme “Focus on Feeding,” organized (and well) by the Fantone agency.   Fantone called upon the RSB team to …

Our workholographic curtainWATER VAPOR HOLOGRAM SCREEN
Ecrã Holog

Fogscreen Holograms and the Art of Digital Magic!

At RSB, we may not be meteorologists, but we master the art of creating storms of creativity! Today, we open the curtains (or rather, the clouds) to unveil two of our most captivating digital treasures: the Fogscreen Holographic Projection and the Smart Fogscreen Holographic Projection. …

Ecrã Holog

Mercedes Benz Retail | Fogscreen Holographic Fan

Mercedes challenged us and we made magic with our Digital Solutions at an event that marked the launch of the new EQS SUV! In an inviting, welcoming and luxurious environment that characterized the space where the brand activation took place, in a sublime way, our …

Our workdigital solutionsEQS SUV
Ecrã Holograma Vapor de Água - jogador Pedro Gonçalves

We were present at the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Sporting partner

At RSB we like challenges and this time we attended a ceremony at Estádio José de Alvalade, for the celebration of Sporting’s 25 years as a member! 🎉🎇 Using our Digital Solutions, namely the  Fogscreen Holographic Projection (and without getting anyone wet! 😉), we made magic! …

Our work25 years partnerdigital solutions
Fogscreen Holographic Projection Sanofi

Becom agency and Sanofi launched the challenge and we joined!

The challenge was launched by the agency Becom and Sanofi and we are in it! ☺️ They caused a surprise by implementing our Fogscreen Holographic Projection at the entrance of this event, with animations that guided us to the interior of the medical universe. This …

Our workBecomSanofi
Aniversário Vodafone

We were there for Vodafone’s 30th anniversary!

Challenged by the Central de Informação agency, we celebrate Vodafone’s 30th anniversary together with them! So, and to make a difference, we implemented our WATER VAPOR HOLOGRAM SCREEN at the entrance of the event, with animations related to these 30 years, transmitted through water vapor, …

Our work30 years Vodafonedigital solutions